If/When to buy her a drink (supplicate)?
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    If/When to buy her a drink (supplicate)?

    SO before I was introduced to the Game and the Methods and various Routines....I was just another AFC like most of us were/are. Being so I used to think that buying the target enough drinks=target letting me put myself in her...Sadly, as I and my wallet have discovered...this rarely if ever works...

    That being said recently I've incorporated a sort of cocky way to counter supplicating...when an HB asks or implies that I should buy her a drink...

    HB: So do you want to buy me a drink? (i.e. Be a sucker and NOT lay me afterwards).
    Dirty: Well I dunno...you should buy me one first and we'll talk it over...

    In theory and on paper this sounds really good...however I've gotten mixed results...sometimes she gets offended...and sometimes she giggles but since I've yet to have a target buy me a drink...I was wondering what else I should do/say... Should I ever buy her a drink or does that make an AFC again? On the one hand I could be showing that I'm polite...and attracting buy displaying courtesy and manners...On the other...only AFCs and suckers are polite and courteous, no?

    (This is all done after I've opened and either have begun to build rapport, or have done so already and am moving onto attraction phase)
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  2. I think you're right to think twice before buying a girl drinks, more so if she actualy asks for it herself but proposing for her to buy you a drink is maybe a bit much.

    I'd go more with "and why would i want to do that etc" by the time she's actualy thinking "damn, when will i get my drink" you've had the time to gauge her and determine if she's worth it

    you know, play around a bit first

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    HB: So do you want to buy me a drink?
    ME: I dont know if I'm ready for that kind of relationship. Lets just take this one step at a time *smile*

    thats what I say when a girl tries to run that with me. Then I just change the subject or something and they've never complained. I've atleast # closed every girl that I have done this to.

    One thing I did recently is, I bought the drink, came back and drank it infront of her, then I just smiled. Then the HB laughed, and I went on.
    Hope this helps..


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    One I like using is similar to yours dirtyt

    HB: So wana buy me a drink?
    Me: Nah but if you're after a drink get me one too and ask me again in 15 minutes.

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    HB: Want to buy me a drink?
    ME: Well, I didn't bring my wallet.
    HB: Why?
    ME: Well, you know how you girls are...assaulting hot guys with drinks to start a conversation *Wink*

    And, if you've demonstrated enough value, you can try the "Why don't you but me a drink" gambit as well. Just remember that it's called a GAMBIT for a reason.

    Just stay cool, relaxed and ready to adapt. And you'll take it bro.

  6. If she asks u to buy her a drink, then just play the 5 questions game saying that if she wins u will buy her a drink (she wont win!) if not then she buys u a drink, that way u get a free drink!

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    I read this somewhere in here i think..(sorry for not giving credit - dont know who to credit)

    HB: So.. You gonna buy me a drink?
    You: How about you buy me a drink, and I'll see if you are worth a round..

    She might get offended though.

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