Fader 1 on 1 - Cleveland, July 2008
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    Fader 1 on 1 - Cleveland, July 2008

    I recently had the opportunity to do a one to one training session with FADER (I also did his boot camp July 2008 in Cleveland); and I have to say that he is the MAN! If you have ever even considered doing a one to one session - then you need to STOP considering and DO IT, and do it with FADER. He was able to set up a one to one session with me on VERY short notice (in Cleveland no less!), and it was an absolutely outstanding experience. This is by far one of the best investments that I have ever made (I can't believe that I considered not doing it - looking back, its obvious that if there is anything worth investing in, its yourself).

    I don't have a lot of infield experience as a I am relatively new to the community and the "game" and FADER was absolutely essential in getting me past the initial wall and my approach anxiety (see my review of FADER's July 2008 Cleveland boot camp if you want to know how AWESOME his bootcamps really are).

    Now, I'm the kind of person who learns a lot better from one to one instruction than in a group setting, so doing a one to one with FADER was a perfect option. FADER and I met and reviewed key concepts as well as specific openers and techniques. He is very friendly, extremely outgoing, honest and we bonded right away. He really knows his stuff and is an excellent teacher and innovator in the field of seduction. I learned more during 1 day with FADER than I had in more than 6 months of reading webpages, ebooks and watching seminars.

    I'd never really done a cold approach (with any success anyway) prior to meeting with FADER, so my level of approach anxiety was REALLY high. We met at FADER's hotel and went to get some food. While were eating, not only did I get additional theory and instruction on specific seduction techniques, but I also got to watch FADER in action. He is easily one of the best at approaching, establishing rapport, and bantering that I've ever seen. It was worth the price of admission to just watch him in set!

    We then moved on from the hotel and went to my neighborhood. While we walked around and did cold approaches, FADER pointed out places in my own neighborhood that were great venues for not only meeting people/sets, but also for setting up Day 2's ! You CANNOT get this kind of specific and invaluable instruction from just a boot camp.

    Even though my level of approach anxiety was high, there was something about FADER's personality and style that just put me at ease. I felt calmer as we went from one venue to the next; As we approached sets, FADER simply told me to approach (I know, its weird, but I just needed someone to tell me to DO IT!) and a lot of great openers to use. The strange part was that I actually JUST DID IT, without even thinking about it! I don't know how FADER got me to do that so easily - it was like magic, I still can't believe it.

    He then watched me open and go into set and afterwards we talked about how things went, specifically what I did right and what I was good at, and where I crashed and what I should have done and what to do in the future. We went over everything from dress to voice tone and body language. This was an UNBELIEVABLY valuable learning experience that was just priceless. I cannot imagine how I could have improved my game that much in just a day without FADER's one to one help.

    One of the best parts of the entire session was that FADER showed me all of these cool venues to meet people and do sets that were just minutes from my apartment. FADER's been to Cleveland 1 or 2 times on the weekends in his entire live, and I've lived here for 3 years (that should tell you just how high my approach anxiety really was). FADER knew more places to go and which clubs were the best for doing sets than I did!

    To say that FADER put in the time, effort, and work to get to know me and help with my SPECIFIC game and level would be a gross understatement. I know that without FADER's one on one help, I'd still be at home alone on Saturday nights setting up yet another facebook account. My advice to anyone reading this who wants to improve their game SUBSTANTIALLY in a just ONE DAY is to do a one to one session with FADER - you will be glad that you invested in yourself.

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    Thanks so much man. It was a pleasure working with you, playing chess was fun and I really liked that tea place. Definitely look me up when you swing through nyc and dont think I forgot about your chart. I am going to do that for you this weekend actually. Keep doing those approaches and you will be fine.
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    Awesome seeing a guy who looks at his situation and gets the help he needs right away. SO many guys wait a year or three.

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