FR: High stakes cram for the sex exam
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    FR: High stakes cram for the sex exam

    This FR is about the lady from Melbourne I’ve gotten acquainted with through a work email - the background is in my “FR: Phone ! close”. This is my Feisty Woman (FW).

    Last night we have a chat on the phone which leads onto the phone sex which is great fun - she even said when I wanted to go at it again that her hands were ‘too sore’ *evil laugh*. This time I got her to say a bit more about what she’d do to me (she mentioned being a cop which was a fun idea but unfortunately she didn’t go in character too much - I guess I know what they mean when they say the man is usually the dominant partner in the sexual interaction).

    Anyhow, quite a few things were discussed which are of note:

    Lying about my number

    She asked me how many sexual partners I’ve had. Now I prevaricated on my answer, she was like ‘just tell me how many? 5, 10, 20, 30, 60?’ I suspect the fact that we’ve been so sexual to each other over sms, and with the whole phone sex (and me reasonably pulling off David Shade’s material - another plug lol - she thinks I’m a reasonable dynamo. The difficulty in some ways if you say you’ve had many sexual partners it might ‘cheapen’ you and if u’ve had too few, then ur really not that much of a man or can’t pull all that much. This is my thinking throughout.

    So I say “let me think and she goes ‘OMG he’s counting them one by one” and I say I’ve had 11, and she still is like ‘are you sure?’ admittedly I wasn’t sure in my answer as I was concerned she’d quiz me in what situations or how I met them etc. Yeah sure lying’s not a good thing to do, but I saw there were image implications if I didn’t. So I said ‘no actually, I’ve only had one’ and stopped there (which is true). She said she didn’t believe me!!!! I suppose in some way that’s a compliment to how at ease I’ve been with my sexuality (and possibly the effectiveness in conveying it and exciting her say). So I said ‘no, 33’.

    FW: ‘33? How did you meet all of these people? One for every year… but you’re only 25! You couldn’t have started when you were one
    Bobby K: Yeah the minute I was born I was right int it (laughs)
    FW: (laughs) I don’t want to come up to see you anymore, I might get herpes.
    Bobby K: What are you talking about? You’ll definitely get herpes
    (she laughs)

    I say ‘no, it’s the average’ and she says ‘that means 17 - that’s still a lot’. So I finally pull the issue to a close ‘ok I’m gonna be straight with you - I’ve had 5’ (a reasonable number I suppose’)

    FW: ‘now how hard was that? You asked me and I told you straight’
    Bobby K: ‘well I didn’t want to sound inadequate in front of you cos you‘ve had more than me (she says ‘well they weren‘t all good‘). Perhaps since you’re older u can teach me. Treat me as inexperienced, and you’re my teacher, I could learn from you. Or how’s about this. We meet up and you’ll see how many you think I’ve had after we’ve had sex’ blahblah

    Sexual social proof

    She mentioned how she passed on my email asking her up to Sydney to see me and said her mate said ‘I love this guy! You so gotta go up to see him!’

    FW: ‘and I said ‘oh I dunno, I’m not sure. She says ‘come on, it’ll be fun. Go up, have a shag, ad come back home’.

    So it’s cool her friend’s rather supportive (if it is her friend but I trust it’s true). She goes ‘well I don’t usually do this kind of thing. Actually I never’.

    My response was something about how you’ve got to live it up. I threw in Zan’s great line ‘well you know what? I can’t say we’ll be together forever. But I guarantee I’ll be the one you’ll always remember. And I’ll always remember you. Don’t you think so?’

    She mentioned earlier in the week that if I gave her my private email she’d send me a “surprise”. However it never happened. I asked her about it and she said:

    FW: ‘Oh well I thought about it, and I dunno, I don’t want to have something out there that could – Bobby K:‘(I cut her off) no really, that’s ok. No biggie, really?

    [and i smile - you know how when you smile over the phone and they say people can sense it in what u say over the line?’ I hope she got that. What a shame though aye guys? Lol]

    When was your last makeout?

    We got into talking about making out and she said she wasn’t into random makeouts at bars and all that and asked if I was. I just said something generally about how well if you met someone and there was a connection, there’s a certain enjoyment about taking them there so to speak. I think she asked me the last time I made out and I said about one and a half months ago (which I’ve noted inmy other FRs) – that would have meant two weeks before we started our little liaison - and she said, with some frustration, that the last time for her was on Valentines’ day. She noted it was more out of formality and she didn’t really feel compelled to. I sensed a considerable amount of annoyance or resentment.

    Please tell me if I’m thinking too much into this, but during the day today over email in following up a discussion about star signs, I send her a funny bit (the original text talks about how Acquarians are flighty and Scorpios want to have their person for themselves) and this is what she says. I’m wondering whether she’s making reference to my makeout story. (she’s the Aquarians) – so she’s reworked the text to:

    “When an Aquarian is with you they’re with you and only you. A Scorpio can learn a lot from this but they’re still going to want to be with everybody else too and this will be difficult for the Aquarian to handle”.

    High sex exam marking scheme

    I think after the phone sex she mentioned something about ‘you know I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm before’. I said ‘oh really?’ and explained my understanding of what it was and she said she only had that kind of feeling ‘for only a few seconds’. So she goes ‘maybe you can give me an orgasm when we meet?’. Mate I feel really intimidated here. I’ve only had sex once! (although a least in terms of my staying power I’m reasonable, but technical proficiency I dunno – she had to put it in for me! hahaha)

    My concern is not only lack of experience or theoretical knowledge (o the latter I’m rushing through some study - trying to cram as much things in, but there’s no lab which you can practise in which doesn’t involve paying hahaha), but the expectations I’ve built. I think my phone sex game is pretty good, like I’m sure I can pull off the strong sexual persona (cos that’s me, like I was feeling it when I was talking about it to her etc); but in terms of the things I said I’d do…mate! Well at least I didn’t promise to do any ultra flexible things. I hope I can lift her up lol!

    Any advice/comments are very welcome.

  2. just be adventurous in the sack don't be afraid to experiment, most of all be confident and dominate.


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