Vol. 30 Teasing (Braddock and Dahunter)

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    Vol. 30 Teasing (Braddock and Dahunter)

    Teasing is a powerful tool used to keep an interaction playful and fun for both sides. It is used to build attraction by tapping into a woman's emotions and subcommunicating that you are of equal value to her and not intimidated by her. Top instructors Braddock and Dahunter have turned teasing into an art form and will share their expertise on the subject along with their arsenal of teasing routines on this interview.

    Some of the areas discussed are:

    •The two types of teasing.
    •The difference between teasing and negging.
    •The dos and don'ts of teasing.
    •How you know when you've taken teasing too far and the best ways to handle it.

    Quotes From The Interview

    "When you are teasing and being playful with somebody, it creates the air that you've known each other for a while."

    "It's human nature to come back for more after being teased and having your value being playfully put down."

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    Vol. 30 Teasing (Braddock and Dahunter)

    Good topic to cover since most go overboard with the neg concept and cross the line insulting the girl.

    Audio quality is good like most. A lot of material is given, from learning to calibrate teasing and saving yourself if you've gone to far. Braddock & DaHunter give many examples of personal routines that they personally use throughout the Lovesystem's Emotional Progression Model. I like the little teasing routines Braddock gives for different situations. He kept spitting them out continuously for about 30 minutes This interview will be helpful to those who fall short in this department.

    DaHunter really took a backseat in this interview. He probably talked for about 10-15 minutes throughout. It seemed he wasn't prepared for this interview or someone called in sick, so he got forced to step in....lol, I don't know, but he really didn't seem at all into "it."

    Good interview! Good routines to use, theories behind teasing were well explained. This will help get rid of teasing as a sticking point.

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    yeah, agree with the cons.

    I found this interview in particular very handy.

    nice explanations of how much to tease WHEN in the emotional progression model.

    I used to turn off teasing completely as i went into comfort, and just no playfulness in seduction onwards at all. this interview helped me calibrate this. this is not a field report, therefore I won't expand more. If that's your problem too, buy the interview ;-)

    a lot of fun routines for about 20-30 minutes.

    This was a sticking point for me, which I didn't even realise until I listened to the interview. Right information at the right time, therefore I would give it 8.5/10

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    30 - Teasing

    I started a new thread because I couldn't edit the original.

    This is one of my favorite interviews. As opposed to being a lot of theory, it is mostly practical stuff that you can use as soon as you finish it. Braddock is great in this interview. The only improvement I could possibly think of would be to have another 15 min of practical material on the track.


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    Agree as well, hell of a lot of useful material and strategy to turn the forbidden monotnous questions into teasing material so if you get stuck or run out of things to say you can ask seemingly boring questions and improv off the answers, definately a good way of building a playful vibe and generating attraction which we should all be using. Last night i said to one HB7 "i dont know when to stop teasing so you have to tell me" she said "stop" laughing so of course I carried on teasing. good work guys.

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    There is a reason this audio is ranked as LS's best seller. It's just as solid -- if not more -- as the rest. I'm going to disagree with CCarter and state that DaHunter gave plenty of great input and should not be considered a "con." We know Braddock is the undisputed king of this, and anybody would be riding passenger in a audio with him. Braddock's passion, grasp, and talent for this just means that he usually takes control, which is fine by us because he's the fucking man. Period.

    What happened to DaHunter by the way? I heard is no longer on the team. I hope he's ok. I hit Whiskey Park with in Boston some years ago -- he's slick as f-ck.

    As far as the content, I'm about half-way through and I will already rate it a 10 of 10. It's a great compliment to the push-pull audio (which you should get to broaden your understanding). Teasing is part of push-pull and both are necessary to keep emotional spikes going regardless of where you are in the progression model. Teasing is integral to attraction and most guys are scared to use it out of fear. Teasing builds rapport, sub communicates that you aren't taking the interaction too seriously, and shows that you consider yourself higher value.

    This is a skill that must be actively developed. Take a "mental inventory" of more general topics to tease on (i.e. where she's from, college, high maintenance, etc.) and work on this! This makes you competent in flirting. If you want to get nasty at game, get this and practice it consistently!


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