Fader 1 on 1 - New York, July 2008
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    Fader 1 on 1 - New York, July 2008

    Iíd read Faderís posts and I was impressed with the depth of thought and I was surprised by the vulnerability he revealed. It was as if he was sharing his challenging past in order to show that if he can became good at pick up, anyone can be good at pick up. I got the sense that he really cared about his students, even the ones he hadnít met, yet.

    I decided to sign up for a one on one with Fader on the strength of his reviews and the insights of his writings. He seemed to be the kind of person I could talk to. Also, I wanted help with what I thought were my sticking points. I was expecting a lot from this.

    When you sign up for a one on one with Fader, you get more than just the one on one. Long before you even see him he gives you a call just to see what is going on and to talk things through. He goes out of his way to make you comfortable. I spoke to him twice on the phone before we met and each conversation was lengthy. I got a good dose of his philosophy and a good idea of where he was coming from.

    I had taken boot camp a while back and had been going out gaming and doing reasonably well. I was number closing on a regular basis but something was still missing from my game and I wasnít sure what. I wanted Fader to help me out.

    For the one on one Fader welcomed me into his home and share his personal life with me. He does, indeed, share his story to let others know that if he, after all he has experienced and been through, can improve how he deals with women to the point that he has become an instructor, then anyone can. And what a story it is. Hearing his story inspired me to believe that there is no hole you cannot dig yourself out of. Anyone, with hard work can improve, and Fader genuinely cared about my improvement.

    But after we shared our stories, Fader shifted into high gear. Let me tell you something, he is a fountain of knowledge. It was hard to keep up with the material he was teaching since he had so much to offer. It was attraction I wanted to work on because I wanted to know why certain sets I had which I thought had gone well and which resulted in number closes did not go further than that. Man, let me tell you, what he taught me blew me away! It made sense. I had an ďA-ha!Ē moment. That moment alone was worth the price of the one and one, and I got a lot more than that.

    Our infield was an excellent experience. I opened a set that went well and Fader gave me excellent feedback. But the best part of the infield experience was watching Fader do stripper game. The man knows what heís doing.

    Fader has worked very hard on his game. He has also worked very hard on the material that he has to teach and really wants to change lives. He went above and beyond the basics and he gave me more than my moneyís worth. Note that he does not sell any illusions. He makes it clear that there is a lot of work ahead in terms of self-improvement. But he also gives you a peek at the prize. He lets you see the end point of your efforts and he will set you on the path to getting there.

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    Thanks so much bro. Scores was hard! I cant believe the girl tried to hustle at the door. I remember telling the bouncer at least let us sit down and get situated before the hustling starts. Your one set went right into comfort and was the basis for 2 new forms of compliance I figured out so thanks for that. Hang in there and let me know how it is going.

    Btw you gotta come back to my place once it is done. Right now it looks like hell on earth but slowly but surely.
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    cool post!! i love reading these interactions and the results from them.

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