What's the best response when she says "fuck off"?
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    What's the best response when she says "fuck off"?

    I don't even want 2 talk more with the girl i just want a good response to this

  2. Is that her response from her opener?

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    yeap. I used the "You know my friend?" opener and she aswered like that

  4. So you just said "You know my friend", and she said fuck off?

    I'm pretty new to all this but I saw this somewhere and its worked for me a couple times.

    Aww, you're not adventurous at all are you??
    But hey, I guess you're wayy too cool to meet new people.
    What a shame.

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    lol I saw this opener in one threadi use myspace)

    Me: "I'm not sure but.... You know my friend?"

    Her: "lol what friend?"

    Me: "You know Tom right? lol j/k"

    Her: "fuck off"

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    Wow, Fuck Off's such an unusual name. He must have been hastled all through highschool, I feel bad for the guy. Guess what happened to me today...

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    lol that's a good one... But i'll stay away from this opener xD I live in portugal and normally the girls don't get that Tom is the admnistrator of myspace so it doesn't work quite well whithout having to explain that to them lol

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    That's actually funny! Her response was even funnier!

    You should not have put the "j/k" in there. It's like you were backtracking and she didn't get a chance to hook, even though she responded to the opener.

    Damn, that was good.
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    Did you and tom not get along? Oh well, I deleted him kept stalking me, can be a creep sometime, speaking of creeps what color panties are you wearing?

    bit C/F but might be a bit of a stretch to expect a response from something so bold, but must meet fire with fire and she straight told you to fuck off, she might enjoy the ballsiness of it.

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    "Why? You wanna watch??"

    You will probably never hear from her again, but I think it's a pretty funny response, so you never know heh.


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