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    Hey guys not to thread jack and if there already is one of a similar topic please redirect me. Instead of books, is there any movies people have found incredibly motivating and/or related to the community?

  2. Hi all, newbie here, I'd like to recommend Nietzsche's "The Birth of Tragedy" and "Beyond Good and Evil", these are two of the most important philosophical books ever written, both still extremely relevant to anyone raised in the west and both are fairly accessible, and entertaining. Since they're philosophical they're relevant to PUA simply because they're relevant to how you view any and all aspects of the world, whether you end up agreeing with him or hating him, you will rethink your views on most everything you have a view on. Just make sure you get the "Oxford World's Classics" editions as the earlier translations are often very untrustworthy. (older translations are available free online, but can be very misleading, in subtle ways.)

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    as a man thinketh - james allen
    yes man - danny wallace
    the alchemist & brida - paulo coelho
    confucius from the heart - yu dan
    the prohet - khalil gibrhan
    on the road - jack kerouac

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    Hey people. sorry to start thread again but I like the idea of books that both self improve or help you with game and also books for books sake, I see point of both but glad to see a lot of opinions and references to choices and how they relate to inner game, routines, confidence and lifestyle. We cannot run game without a solid core , its part of who we are
    So I am gonna finishing reading the game again of course by neil strauss - because there is a least a chapter we all identify with ( mine are taking what works for me and using it and also bout building a lifestyle too meet people and expand on myself for attraction purposes)
    I shall read the power of now and give my review at later date
    Thirdly I would recommend anything by or referring to Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do - His philosphy is inspiring to me personally but he is iconic for the way of no way and limit of no limit, literally took what worked for him and adapted to his lifestyle.
    Another recommend would have to be How to talk to anyone by leil lowndess - brilliant little book for those who wanna improve both inner game and body language i find, little tips and tricks to help you start conversations and open people

  5. 48 Laws of Power, 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction, The 50th Law, anything by Robert Greene
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    An excellent idea to have a book club since there is such a vast literature on the subjects that this forum is concerned with.-Ron Price, Tasmania

  7. Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. A truly visceral experience, not designed for those with low patience for sparse archaic prose and extreme violence

  8. KEN FOLLETT is my favorite

  9. Quote Originally Posted by MrA View Post
    as a man thinketh - james allen
    yes man - danny wallace
    the alchemist & brida - paulo coelho
    confucius from the heart - yu dan
    the prohet - khalil gibrhan
    on the road - jack kerouac
    These are what's up. Read most of them. I'll have to check out the rest.

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    I'm reading "Secrets of Pierre Woodman Sexual Technique", by Alexander Lyubimoff.
    Useful book for everybody.


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