How do i respond to this, i feel like i am helpless
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  1. How do i respond to this, i feel like i am helpless

    There is this one girl. I am deeply attracted to her. The problem is that while I know she Is attracted to me and it seem like we are extremely close friends but there Is so much sexual tension! Iím close with her, everyone Is curious what is going on between me and her, we tell them we are just friends. Iím a very confident guy and we always have the best time together!.the thing holding me back from making a move is that she likes this guy that I am friendly with and she knows I know she likes him and she will say things about him sometimes shell say it to piss me off for e.g.Ē youíre my best guy, wait second best guyĒ she is half joking but still, and I I mean we are very physical with each other she will Kino escalate and always gives me ioiís, I donít know if Iím supposed to bring him down, or just act natural and ignore it. How DHV and how do I DLV the other guy without acting jealous.
    And the good thing is she always takes my items off me and keeps them like my accessories so I donít even need to lock in, all the signs are there the ONLY thing is the way she tells me and everyone how she is obsessed with him. I donít know how to respond please help!

  2. This may help

    It sounds like when she fucks with you by saying you're no.2 she is negging you. Neg her back playfully. Alternatively over-neg her, build tension - then give her some love when she gets upset - her buying temp will go up and you can escalate lots

    If you wanna amog this guy you have to convey that you are alpha over him, although it cannot appear like you are trying to do this.

    When you are all three of you together be the authority, give him props in front of her for things he deserves it for, don't be reactive to him, give him some advice or try to frame him in a negative light. If you frame him as a try hard you will blow him out. If she is really into him while the three of you are talking - build more attraction as he has more.

    Don't let her keep taking shit off you - she is tooling you - get something back off her instead perhaps. You do not need to lock in - she is your friend and is not gonna run to the bathroom and not come back.

    It sounds to me like you are coming up with reasons not to make a move based on your emotions (fear of rejection) - just escalate - if she stops you be unreactive don't make a big deal out of it. ALWAYS escalate again after a while or she will think you are a pussy. She is possibly just saying this stuff about this guy to make you jealous - girls have game too.

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    youngremi is right.
    You have to be the authority. Like when she takes things off you, and you are non-reactive to it. Try looking at her and taking something off her then say "fair exchange".
    When she talks about him and how you're number 2. She's just saying it to you as a shit test. Trying to get something out of you (a reaction, jealousy, etc.) Just take it in and be cool about it. girls do have game too, it's hard wired into them.
    You dont have to talk shit or AMOG your friend, you just have to show that you are ALPHA over him. Take control of situations, you say you're confident so I know this shouldn't be too hard to do.
    And if she is the one that is escelating kino on you, then you should just go on from there. Keep building it and building it, and just go for it. dont be scared of rejection man, remember, you're the prize.


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