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    Bar gaming tips

    I have been trying to boost my bar game lately and here are a few things I have done that have raised my social value. I have gotten swamped with women in bars lately and here is what I contribute it to.
    Knowing the doormen and bar tenders: I have been friends with many of the people that work at the bar before they worked there. Then I got the know the rest.
    Showing up after all your friends are already there: Last night I had lots of girls yelling my name and hugging me as I walked throught the bar. All because I should up late and they had been drinking.
    Befriending the hot "it" guy: The other night I went to order a drink and was standing next to the type of guy who is incredibly good looking and girls constantly talk about him. So I gamed him a bit and did a quick opener and bought a drink for him. Since then he has boosted my social status a lot. He'll neglect girls and say hi to me first and constantly offering me drinks and stuff. I think he also notices my alphaness and likes it. This is something I never planned on.
    Jealousy plotlines: After opening sets with prime targets. Talk to every group of women, even if its just on the way to the bathroom. Girls notice this and then beg for your attention.
    Seat stealing and never sitting(for opening): both work for different reasons. If you steal a seat then its playful and you are in the set and they are around you. If instead you walk up to the table and reach a solid hook but never sit down, then they will ask you to sit. To play around I said "I might just take off at any minute" and the girls said things like "I know that worries me". To further push it I would say "hey check that out behind you" and they wouldnt look.
    This is just the start to what I have been learning lately in bar game. Definately add your advice and critiques

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    Great post on bar gaming. I tend to stick to clubs more...I'm underage and they tend to check ID less at clubs than at bars (at least in my experience), and the bouncers at clubs are often more inclined to turn a blind eye to underage entry if you're friends with them.
    Rep to you.

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    Being "fashionably late" is huge. I love doing that. Especially if you know some of the hired guns there, but haven't seen or talked to them in a while? Oh, man. They will scream your name something fierce when you show up.
    Instant social proof. Love it.
    Get to know the owner(s). 'Nuff said. This is critically important. Get to know a lot of owners, and a lot of bar staff (bouncers, shooter girls, waitresses, bartenders, etc.) at a lot of places. Do this by simply sarging lone wolf style, and befriending all these people while you're out. (Go out several times to consolidate this)
    Make connections that will let you bypass lines/covers/bullshit later on, and when you meet women, these connections will pay off in spades.
    Put simply: get to know (in all the ways in which this is possible) your local nightlife.


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