How to let a girl know you only want sex
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  1. How to let a girl know you only want sex

    Ok, so I've been moderately successful in opening and attracting girls, and my game is getting better. Now I think I'm finally going to F-close this one girl, but I actually just got out of a long term relationship and I seriously do not want another one. I was wondering if you guys had any good advice about letting a girl know that you really just want to have fun.

    Of course I could just come out and say that, but I think there are better and worse ways of saying something like that, and I just want to be as tactful as possible (and still F-close of course). If I don't get to F-close because of this I don't mind. I'd rather not trick somebody into it than get some and have to deal with clingyness.

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    I have a neighbor who lives -- Well he is not really a neighbor but I see him like 4/5 days a day walking his Great Dane, amazing dog I might add. Now he is 51, fairly old [compare to me] and everytime I talk to him he tells me about some new pussy that he recently fucked. Mind you he is 51.

    He fucked her like this, and like that, and sideways and uspisde down, in the kitchen, on the TV, in the bathroom. Places I can only dream of.

    And I asked him... Whats your secret? How do you do it? He told me, "You gotta make them trust you", I asked to elaborate on it, he said, "You have to show them that you care about them, you make future plans with them, shit like that"

    Then he fucks them, and doesn't ever talk to them LOL.
    But that is a whole different story and I know you just said you don't want to trick them and make them all clingy

    But from my expirience, don't tell them about, "You want to fuck them and that is it" Nah man! Rather then saying that make it so that she comes over to your place and sleeps over or you come to her place and sleep over. (Although you NEVER sleep over if you are at her place) . Its not hard at all man, very easy actually

    Tell her, "Lets go rent a movie and watch it at my place, then if it'll be late just sleep over. But I have some rules with sleep over parties. First, you can't hog the blanket! Second, no random walks at 4 in the morning! And third, you don't have any bad habits during the night, right? I wouldn't have to keep one eye open all night?"

    Make it playful. This is what I usually right. I hint on sleep over, RIGHT AWAY. You don't have to.

    But point is... I don't tell her we are going to fuck. I am telling her to come for a sleep over.

    What do you think?

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    be more of a spontaneous, adventurous, more jokin around than serious type of person. She'll like that in you, but also it sends out the signal that you're not lookin for anythin serious...

    don't disclose your intentions like that, remember "it just happened" is what you're goin for... so just escalate normally and frame everything sexually but don't have a serious demeanor or tone...just be playful and they'll pick up on the rest
    They don't make em like me no more.... matter fact, they never made like me before...

    Trust yourself, and you'll know how to live

  4. young dubs I like that. I actually have been doing that pretty successfully I guess, without really knowing what it was I was doing. As for the other way, see I know you can f-close if you give these girls a real emotional connection, it's all that s- and r- value stuff, but I find that deceptive. Because I don't want to lead them on to think that I can offer any sort of emotional support.

    I did say to this girl (over email) that If she wanted me to go and f*ck her, that she should just ask nicely and I might do it. I think that's aggressive and playful. I guess I should just keep on doing that. Thanks for the advice.


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