Stripper Game Insights

I want to start with saying although I have had a couple of gfís who were strippers and I have slept with quite a few I have never met any of them in strip clubs. I have always met them through the nyc house music scene where everyone at the party who walks in from 5 Ė 6 am Sunday and stays till 5 pm Sunday is probably up to no good (except me because we all know Iím an angel). Knowing psyche (female and stripper) pretty well I have recently started going to strip clubs with a close friend of mine. I have had a fair amount of success in what I would consider a short amount of time. After last night I have been to strip clubs 11 times in my life. Before Feb of this year which was Superconference I had only been to 1 and in Vegas I went to 5 brining the total to 6. Since Vegas (for those who cant do math) I have been to 5 more clubs. Here are some of my insights into stripper game.

Insight #1: You will get little to no mistakes. This might seem obvious but it wasnít to me. In a regular pickup even professional makes mistakes (anyone who tells you otherwise is selling snake oil so run the other way as quick as you can). It is impossible unless you are a robot that plays flawless game and even then a robot would lose at a pattern he doesnít have a contingency for. Some examples of mistakes? I was doing really well with a stripper in St Louis, had value she had been talking to for me about 20 minutes, hadnít asked for a cent was giving me compliance and all of a sudden I asked her how long have you been dancing. When she replied 8 years I replied oh so youíre a lifer. Now I did this to show insider information but it just blew up in my face. She flipped out and was like no, I am out of here in 6 months! She then stormed away PISSED. Note to people reading this if it is the first day they start dancing or the first day of the 15th year they are still getting out of there in 6 months.

Other examples? Hired gun waitress in Cleveland strip club this past weekend. Not as on but she is clearly neglecting her job to talk to me. Again trying to show insider information I ask her why does this club suck? You should always be communicating with an outcome in mind (this is a communication strategy in general not just for pickup. It always bugs me out when I ask a student what was he thinking when he does something and he goes I have no clue. You should always have a clue (even if it is a wrong one) about why you are doing something.) So once again blowout.

Next example, last night, pretty hot girl, would not shut off her stripper programming. We finally get it off. I am getting compliance it is slowly start to boil to on (it is slow for me because a) I am spending zero dollars, b) I totally donít match the alpha stripper bf type, c) I am doing a lot of tactics that are making her intrigued and she is not use to this). So I go whatís her nationality and she says Ecuadorian and Jamaican. I go Jamaican and made a face (my thought was this girl is hot and even though I am getting stripper programming off I keep seeing flashes of it so maybe a REALLY harsh neg will shut it off once and for all). Once the face was made game over she got up and immediately I knew where I went wrong. I actually apologized and was like I am sorry for the face and sheís like Iím not. No big mistakes. You donít have that luxury

Insight #2: Staying out of the customer frame. This is classic community doctrine but people always wonder how to do this. To me this seems fairly simple, dress cool, go with friends and have a good time (your friends, and fun are more important then the girls). Have positive energy (not sure how to clarify this other then have you ever met a person and then just instantly knew they were cool? Well how did you know? Figure that out and then duplicate it). Pretty much not one single girl has ever asked me for money, at all, in any place. I feel this is because the way I dress, carry myself and the game I am running is so intriguing for her she has to figure out what is going on and she will risk money to do that. Some of them I actually dismissed and told them to go make money and they actually refused. That was pretty nuts. I also had a few other nutty things happen which shows a lot of what I am doing is right.

Insight #3: The birth of the super neg. Super negs are a new concept I have come with based on something I saw happen on a 1 on 1. I havenít totally mastered the concept but they are a new type of disqualifier that I have been using that seems to be working fairly well. I am not sure if this falls under it but I think it might (you would think I would know since I am the one who came up with the concept). This is with the set I blew last night with the Ecudorian / Jamican. My buddy who was I with is actually in the community and from this board. As the set is happening I am breaking down to him what is happening in a real time but because it is loud and my voice is sore from teaching in Cleveland she canít hear what I am saying. Whatís happening is because we are having fun and he is laughing as I tell him things she ends up getting SUPER self conscious because it is like we are having an inside joke at her expense. Mix in some other IODís along with pulling her back in with some strong IOIs and voila we have a stripper in chase mode. Every time I would lean over and tell him something we would laugh and she would get MAD self conscious and go STOP doing that (but like a hurt little girl). Inside jokes especially at the girls expense is powerful once she likes you. Unfortunately I think this plays on a mix of a lot of things. A) You have high value and what you are doing is different then anyone else. B) Stripper programming is off so now this is a real girl, naked and vulnerable in a strip club. C) Stripperís like abuse. D) Etc

Insight #4: Insider Info. I run A LOT of this material. What this does is put me in the stripper BF category. Regular girls will fit you into 1 of 6 boxes but with strippers there are only 2. Stripper BF or anything else. I am not going to reveal too much here but I can tell you what I learned last night (after this girl got fired for smoking weed aka drug use, while on duty. Most girls do drugs they just donít get busted for it). So we talked for about 20 minutes and she gave me some fascinating information. One thing she told me about was this concept of the den (or was it hen) mother. This is a woman whose job it is too coordinate everything for the girls, this is from outfits and accessories to makeup and perfume. This girl gets a piece of the action also. Insider information is very very powerful as anything that cements you as stripper bf makes them curious because they never meet guys like this in there club.

Insight #5: Social proof on steroids and the snowball effect aka a feeding frenzy. This was one of my highlights of the night. Letís never forget we are dealing with hustlers. The girls are very aware of who is making money (stripper wise) and what customers are shelling out that dough. Whatís interesting is that the dancers realize the girls have to make a decision on how much time to invest with a guy who is a potential stream of revenue before it is smarter to write him off. Since this club is small and private dances are only in a small portion of the club everyone is watching everyone at all times. So now this is what is interesting. This kid had his first set go ridiculously well and my first set went well until I blew it. Everyone is aware that we are not paying and yet the girls are still there. This made the other girls very curious because girls are competitive and catty by nature and no one is more catty then strippers. So now there are thoughts going through their mind like this: who are these guys, why are these girls spending so much time with them and having more fun then me while most importantly making no money.

What this led to was the sickest social proof I have ever seen in my life, as one would leave the others would approach but not to game us just to figure out what the fuck was going on and get gamed. Man it was so easy. I number closed 1 (she called me to talk on the phone when I got home and is cooking me dinner this weekend, little does she know I am flaking because I have 1 on 1ís this weekend lmao). Almost closed a second but I asked for too much compliance by asking her to get a pen and paper and draw myself a picture of her. That was boneheaded ego tough guy move. There was no reason for me to do that. I should have pulled out my phone (for some reason I felt that pulling out the phone would have been wrong not sure why because I closed the girl before her with the phone out). I also did a combination of the octoberman sequence and lightbody energy work on her and she was like you have to stop Iím getting wet. This wasnít her stripper programming coming back on this was really her getting turned on by the energy work (energy work will always do this to girls because the 2nd chakara is where sexual energy is stored). As she left MORE girls came. It was like a snowball effect of insanity. Every single set opened, hooked and was on. Not 1 dollar was asked for and what was funny is as I tried to send them away they would not leave. It was really nuts man.

I think the highlights of this are based on the jealously because girls are pissed the other ones are having more fun then them and supply and demand. What do I mean by this? I mean there are relatively few cool people in the club (playas, whatever) so we are a rare / hot commodity. It is almost like a gender stereotype reversal because all of a sudden we are the prize and they are competing over us. So the girls have to look at it like this well I am making only xyz an hour but Tina who I fucking canít stand is having more fun then me. F her I am more worthy of that guy then she is and boom the sharks smell blood in the water.

Whatís funny is I just finished reading bringing down the house which is the story of the MIT geeks who owned Vegas by beating blackjack (great story btw). There were two parts to what they did, the first was the math but the second was acting. They said Vegas is designed to take you for everything you are worth. It is not designed to beaten, these guys exploited programming flaws in the system. I kind of felt like one of them last night. Here I was this 5 7 kid with mad grey hair and crooked teeth beating the system (I def donít look the part). Sure I paid for drinks but they were way cheaper then at 230 or Gavensort. I am spending zero money otherwise and in fact by the girls talking to us instead of giving dances and making the club money they are wasting both their time and the clubs potential income. Whatís funny (and sickly validating) was more then once the manager of the club came over and told the girls to get working lmao. He knew. Only thing would have been more validating is if he came, threw us out and banned us from coming back. It is like in the book they got banned from Casinos because the Casinos were losing money, perhaps the ultimate form of PUA validation is to get banned from a strip club for the same thing (I say this tongue and cheek before the haters rise up and say well you shouldnít be living in a world of external validation. Relax kids I am laughing). Needless to stay strip clubs are about to become part of my standard rotation because if you can make it there you can make itÖ. anywhereÖ itís up to you NEW YORK NEW YORK.