HB just moved into my neighborhood, what do I do?

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    HB just moved into my neighborhood, what do I do?

    Ok, so I was coming home from the gym last week and as I was pulling into one entrance to my neighborhood, I saw an HB coming out of the other entrance of the neighborhood. I remembered what her car looked like, and looked for it the next night when I jogged around my neighborhood. I saw it in front of a house on the other side of the neighborhood. A couple days later, same chick is going around my side of neighborhood on a scooter with a friend. I see them as I come in from the gym, again. I just glanced, then looked back towards the road with the most confident, indifferent, alpha male look that I could muster. Now today, I'm mowing the lawn, and here her and her friend come, this time in her car. I watch out of the corner of my eye as the car slows a bit, and the friend stares at me for a bit before the HB resumes her previous speed. The only acknowledgement I gave her was an indifferent glance in their direction. I know they are curious about me, because coming from the direction she was coming from, using the entrance of the neighborhood closer to my house would basically triple the amount of time it would take to get around the neighborhood.

    So basically, I'm pretty sure that I've got a shot at her, I just don't know how to approach. Should I just go for more jogs, and if I see her, chat her up?

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    Asking for game on a platter is a no-no.

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