LR: A Walk through Bryant Park, NYC
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    LR: A Walk through Bryant Park, NYC

    After a few hours of studying at the NYC Public library, I decided to go to Bryant Park to get in a few sets.

    Side Note: I was going to meet HbOklahoma but she was tired from her job hunt. Understandable.

    Some back-story to HB Oklahoma as I think it has some value.

    I met HBO around the first week of July, on 14th and 8th ave while walking to Plunge with my friends (Sealdan and Clint). Typical direct, high-risk street opener as I had other things to do: “Hey…..I just had to meet you…’re adorable.” A few mintues of convo and quick number close.

    Two days later, I meet up with her at Union Square. Go to diesel and Barnes and Noble—not ready to bite yet so I delay the pull. My Pull-O-Meter asks: has she invested in you? Have you invested in her? Do you feel a connection? Is she receptive to your touch?

    That night I get a text that her friends are still out of town and asks if she can come and hang with my friends. Glory. I tell her meet to me at 230 5th around 1am. Right before she arrives, I am in set with this AWESOME girl from Boston who I am very into. This girl IS SO GREAT—yay oneitis—and things are going well (e.g. makeout and everything). Textbook. Meanwhile, Mason, Hiro’s (L Prince) awesome friend who I met that night, is seducing her friend.

    We laugh about stereotypes. We try to guess who is from NJ or NYC by the way they look, we dance, we laugh….PU is so easy when you like the girl. (note, conversations are dynamic. It is normal for a girl or guy, to go the bathroom, go for another drink, talk to another friend for a bit, etc. I mention this because I think people who are new to this have this misconception of what a PU looks like. PU is fluid. It is not rigid. For example, I am NOT talking to her for 25 minutes straight and then think to myself “time to bounce, because I am in A56”).

    Anyway, things are going great with her; we are very into each other. But HBO arrives so the dynamic shifts a bit. That is, out of respect for her, the love-bubble we have grows and becomes less intimate. No big deal. Normal people do this all the time.

    So more regular conversation and then some one on one time with HBO. I buy her a drink because she’s a cool chick—don’t worry guys I’m not supplicating—and comfort-normal talk deluxe ensues.

    I think some new players lose the girl in “comfort” because they don’t believe the girl can like them for who they are. They get stuck in trying to continually put on a show for the girl and having a PU persona. Really, solid comfort is all about vibing while keeping a happy-fun internal state AND to getting to know each other. It is about genuinely connecting with her because you LIKE HER. It is about treating her normal and like a human being. Ah shit, all these platitudes, understanding this only makes sense if you can see it in the field or have experienced it.

    In any case we talk for a few hours, but she refuses to kiss. No big deal. Really, she has to feel its no big deal because IT IS. Still, I pull her back to her apartment. Its 4am and I say, “lets go.” We hail a cab and we both get in. Pulling her to the apt is effortless. Insurmountable LMR comes after we get into her bed.

    She is sitting on her bed, I saddle up next to her. I go for the kiss and she’s like, “I can’t I just met you.” WTF? Okay, I caress her a bit and we begin to feel each other up, but she does so tentatively. She isn’t freaked out but I can tell she is fighting her own emotions. I keep trying to escalate, but she softly brushes away my hands and turns away. She isn’t exposing her front end of her body so it is hard for me to escalate via incidental frontal vaginal stimulation—i.e. dry humping. Like she lets me escalate on her but she’s isn’t escalating back. She say’s its “too soon” and “needs to be careful.” I get a few dry hump thrusts in and some makeout but she is reciprocating only in bursts. She is being receptive and gets turned on hard a few times but shuts-down once she feels things are getting heavy.

    I wash-rinse-repeat but the girl is using anti-LMR tactics on me! She is turning me off by not reciprocating my escalation and turning her body sideways. Still, she is slowly getting turned on despite her southern belle sorority image she has of herself. FUCK. But time is running out—she is getting sleepy. The clock strikes 5:15am and she begins to slow down in a tired sleepy way. Fuck—LMRed. She says, I can sleep next to her but in a joking way also says “nothing is going to happed” I pass out. We wake-up at noon and head our separate ways. She still won’t kiss me on the lips goodbye. FUCK.

    I needed some more time. Clearly, I should have PULLED EARLIER. Then I could have “self-escalated” aka wack-off in front of her as a last effort. Next time.

    End side-story.

    Okay, four days later, she wants to meet up but is tired from her job hunt. Don’t give me this “buyers remorse” nonsense. Given her background, she just needs more time. I want to fuck her sorority, old moneyness out of her.

    So I am walking into Bryant Park and spot HB Skinny sitting down, across from that café-after-work bar. She has big glasses on her aristocratic-professional face and is looking peacefully at I know what. And that body! Long legs and skinny—God, she gives me an instant hard-on. I wonder if she can see it through my shorts? I open.

    Me: So I just got done studying…I’m glad to be out. Have you ever been in that library…it’s monstrous.

    HBLL: I know…I get lost everytime I go in it (smile, giggles).

    ME: Yeah…this place is great to relax after work. (I begin to sit down and keep talking). The green, the park, the vibe. I really like it here.

    HBLL: Me too. I don’t work far from here and it’s a good place to unwind after the day is over.

    Me: And the people here are friendly too. Like you…I thought you were cute…and I just had to meet you…

    HBLL: Oh thanks (Lights up, smiles-giggles). blah blah…

    I set the tone in day game very early with my SOI; in fact, I usually open direct. I make it very clear that I am attracted to them but I am very normal about it. They can take it or leave it—usually they take it and my penis too. LOLerSkatEs!

    So we vibe and talk, talk and vibe. We are both enjoying each other’s company. I play music in my head: One Headlight by The Walflowers. I am happy and she can feel it. I like her and she can feel that too. We laugh, tell stories, and learn about each other. No agenda. Just two people enjoying the moment. Why can’t all girls be this cool?

    Number time. A few more topics about everything and anything and I bring up the café-bar very briefly to seed the bounce (i.e. “that place looks good, I want a drink”).

    “Hey, I like talking to you, join me for a drink.” BOUNCE

    Funny, I’m the youngest guy in this bar and under-dressed. I have on a T-shirt and shorts amidst the suits and rich. But I move with authority and centeredness. I know my value, I know who I am. I glide though the crowd and take my hunny to a corner.

    She tells me more about her life. She makes me laugh. She impresses me. I’m digging her. She is cool…and hot. What a dichotomy—artsy but holds a very corporate job. Smart…and sexy. Time to up the touch to caressing GF mode. The Yardbirds are playing.

    We vibe but now with more intimate details—feelings, passions, goals, and history. We begin to slow down. She holds my gaze longer. I can feel her now…and her lips—we kiss. More vibing, hand holding, more kiss. I’m so happy to meet you. I can learn so much from you. From what she tells me, her age, and her jobs—she seems like a top-notch, no nonsense business woman. Almost intimidating in that hot-boss sort of way. But she is girly around me, even submissive. She is more deep than her job would have you believe and I am glad she can show me her true self, free of any façade.

    “Lets go check out your hood. Lets tour Lower Manhattan”


    We leave holding each other’s hand.

    Take the F train to 14 Street. Lets go on that tour. Time to finish painting the canvas of my life and add in the details. We stop at Father Demo Park. Lets check out the fountain.

    “HBLL, were you waiting long for me?”

    “Too long…..”

    We kiss and make-out hard next to fountain. I can feel the warmness of summer and the heat of our passions.

    “Hey, I want to show you my music library. Are we near your place, I need to connect my labtop.”

    “We’re almost there.”

    “Okay….lets go.”


    The whirlwind of passion takes us outside her place.

    “We can’t go to my apt…because no guys are allowed (said in a light-hearted way). So lets go to the lobby”

    “No problem.”

    Okay, so it’s late and the lobby is almost empty. I use what she gives me. I show her some music and then I get my escalation on.

    I escalate on her hard and she moans with acceptance until things involve me touching her poon. She does this soft brush-off akin to HBO. Wtf, do these girls go to LMR school? I escalate hard on the couch but things are working against me. It’s a public place so we have to periodically stop as people are walking in and out, also it’s getting late. I try to pull her back to the apt but she replies with “We can’t….I know whats going to happen” or “I can’t…..I’m not ready…I just met you” or “I can’t…I don’t normally do this….I like you but I can’t, I have to be good.” I want to yell, “having sex doesn’t mean you are bad!” But I can’t go logical, I can only express to her that I won’t judge.

    Shitty. Things get hot and heavy but no sexy time. In retrospect I should have pulled her into the closet. LMRed

    Still, things look solid for a D2 close.

    Two days later, D2 time.

    I meet her at Bryant Park and there is a sense of familiarity. Crazy, this girl already fell hard for me. She wants me to touch her and is very loving, sweet, and submissive. I am her escape from the corporate world. Union Square for some food and then we decide to go dancing, but….I need drop of my bag at her apartment. HBLL smiles and tells me we have to behave.

    Her place is huge. She gets ready and tells me to play music.
    I can tell she is a bit apprehensive when I go near her too suddenly; she knows very clearly that I want to fuck her…HARD. I remain cool as a cucumber and relaxed. She follows. I play some Beatles. She smiles and does a little jig. I smile, stand-up, look at her intently and begin to dance with her a bit. Then I pull her close, smell her hair, and kiss her deeply.

    She moans with delight and we make-out passionately. I turn her around and kiss, breathe, and suck on her neck and back. Then I carry her to the bedroom and gently lie her down.

    I proceed to escalate, wash-rinse-repeat style FOR THE NEXT 4 HOURS. Marathon escalation. Two step forward, one step back.

    The last dagger was fingering and licking her.

    Afterwards, I stick my fork in her because she is done……

    I am very glad about HBLL. She knows tons about finance and the business world as she works in investment banking. I now have a “private mentor” and another great woman in my life.


  2. beautiful.

  3. As you said yourself, fluid PU!

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    absolutely epic. I love it.

    I think you have an issue with LMR....ahahaha

    sorry had too!

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    This is so money dude nice job

  6. fucking great man. sorry about hte 4 hour LMR... you know, erections lasting longer than 4 hours, although rare, need immediate medical attention

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    your a fuckin pitbull....lesson here....don't let go.

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    Good fuckin job.

    "Wtf, do these girls go to LMR school?"
    Had me on the floor

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    Summa, have you been out with us?

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    Hey Summa,

    This is good shit man, keep it coming.

    Question: What is your general SOI if you didn't open direct? For instance a lot of times in day game I open situationally.


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