FR 7/12 - Hampton (VA) Block Party

Went out to the Hampton VA Block Party around 7pm, was so-so, and bounced over to friend's place nearby, his brother showed up, and 5 of us went back to the party around 11pm. This was me, wing, friend, friend's live-in gf, and friend's brother. Find nice place with outdoor patio and band. Friend's gf dances on me, introduces me to her friends, etc. I have preselection. Going to bar to help friend carry his round there are 2 HBs standing by the bar. As I stand there they saddle up beside me and give me the proximity thing, and basically talk about how it sucks waiting for drinks. I did the typical "you guys need to flirt to get the drinks faster". I wasn't really paying attention due to friend getting drinks and it turned out the bartender was a HB herself.

HB1: "We should flirt...with her?"
Nutz: Yup. Something like 85% of all women are, I mean at least bi.
HB1 & 2: blah blah
At this point I don't really remember what I said or did, but I got them to peck kiss to see if they were even vaguly bi. I judged that the kiss sucked and they need to do it better and get a real idea of whther or not they're into girls or not. It was all fun and I think everyone could tell it was just to fuck with them. I like gambits that are for my amusement more than anything else since I have fun doing them. This was that kind of situation.

Friend reaches through and hands me a shot.

HB #1: So that's how it is? I should flirt with him.
Nutz: Oh, that's my boy. He's cool. (proceed to accomplishment intro friend--who's confused as he's not game savvy)
I do some sort of kino stuff with HB #2, but it's all a blur. I remember picking her up, spinning her around a bit, that kind of stuff. Got some kisses out of it, OH! Just remembered we did a crude version of the camera routine where you escalate kino.

Nutz: Here, lets get pics of the fun. (click!)
Nutz: Okay, one for myspace, this time plant on on me. (she holds the kiss on me and I snap a pic).
Nutz: Okay, that sucked. Try it again. You! (to HB #1) Get over here missy!

Both kiss me on the cheeks, get the pic on friend's cell this time (I think), give them both little peck kisses, tell them to join us later outside, and grab our round of drinks.

Walking back with friend to the group I act like a girl walking through the crowd ran me over. She looks at me and my expression on my face...

HB Sorry: "OMG I'm sooooo sorry. Did I just hit you?"
Nutz: "OMG you sooo owe me for that. That's it, right here." (points to cheeck) Girl looks confused. "Pay your fine."
HB Sorry: "I don't get it." but said in a shit test manner.
Nutz: (looks at her unreactive beause she's shit testing me--just waited for it)
HB Sorry: "Oh!" (kiss, kiss)
Nutz: "WTH?! (I look at her like she just molested me) Dude, you're gf just kissed me! What's the deal? All I needed was a "sorrry." but said cocky funny. (FYI this was a routine)
HB Sorry: "Oh, he's not my boyfriend." Bam! Makeout.
I was like WTF just happened? Don't know what I did right, but all I know was there should have been a camera on me because it was perfect. Anyway, moving on....

While watching the band outside at the patio, a mixed 3 set is walking by: HB 8 Blond, HB 7 Brunette, and a guy. I open the brunette over the shoulder while looking at the guy to see his reaction, and make small talk. They stop...

HB Blond: "Who is he?"
HB Brunette: "I don't know."
Nutz: I said something along the lines of "Screw all that, I'm Joe and you're my new hottie!"

Caveman'd her with kino and "the claw", HUGE BT spike with both HBs with the guy standing there just looking at me with my arm around the brunette.

HB Blond to HB Brunette: "He's hot."
Nutz: With drop-dead seriousness in my voice, but with a wry smile I said "Prove it!"

BAM! Makeout with the blond, with one arm still around the brunette. Caught out of the corner of my eye the brunette was looking mortified. I bring her in for the triple kiss, like whatshisname in Wild Things, but it's a no go, so I actually stopped the blond thinking I need to win over what I thought was now the obstacle. Dumb right?

Nutz: "Hold this", I said to the blond and gave her the brunette's purse and kissed HB brunette on the cheek. "Have fun! This is why you came out!"
HB Brunette: Stares at me blankly and... "Oh, that's what I get?", or something like that. Band was too loud to get all of it. I pulled her close front to front and kino'd her back doing that V thing where your hands start at the lower back and move up to her shoulder blades so the motion forms a V. As your hands move up her back you pull her in close. I did that and just looked her in the words. I was about to say something, got out "Oh..." and she shoves her tongue down my throat. All I could think of was "wtf did I do right?" and before i knew it I felt a hand on my shoulder being pried off her. I'm thinking the guy is going to start shit, but it's the blond. BAM! Triple kiss.

Everyone outside is watching now as I make out within 90 seconds with 2 hotties AT THE SAME TIME! as they were basically just walking by. I *almost* felt bad for the guy they were with. My group just looked at me confused because they didn't see the lead-up, just the action.

Fast forward a while later, basically the end of the night for me because I was so trashed. Standing near the bathroom line waiting for friend's gf so she can help me carry my round back to the group outside. Started talking to another HB. Let's just say I was a Kino Monster. Next thing I know we're cheek to cheek talking with my arm around her. I realize my thumb is flipping something through her dress and all of the sudden I blurt out

Nutz: "What the this?"
HB: "Oh, that's my thong."

Thinking to myself Oops! That was fucking dumb. My response...

Nutz: Oh! Okay, cool..."

...and kept flipping it with my thumb like I had been and continued with the conversation like it was nothing. In middle of a sentence like 10 seconds later, if that....BAM! makeout.

WTF was up with my game last night? I can't remember having this much, um.... success? I don't know if you'd call it that since there were o numbers or any of that, but damn it was just fun and flirty as hell. I liked that so IMO it's a win.

After all was said and done 4 or 5 crazy makeouts off of just willy nilly game, mostly I guess from preselection, mad kino, and being a LOT more expressive with my facial expressions. That much I remember and wanted to work on. So maybe part of my problem has been not looking fun and energetic enough?

Basically, what I think really made last night go so well is that I was all about giving value and being fun. Just about everyone I met I was cordial and friendly to, gave a fist bump to some guy on the dance floor as I'm walking by, smiling saying hi to people as they pass, that sort of thing. When I talked to HBs I didn't lock up trying to think of stuff to say or which routines to use or what phase I was in. None of that was on my mind AT ALL. It was all about Hi, I'm fun. You're capable of being fun. Lets have fun together. I think this also speaks to db's SNL ideas about not needed to run M3. Heck, not even Mehow's game fit this mold well. It was just pure good old fashioned kino and BT spiking, usually through being cocky/funny and bold.

I do admit that I had an agenda when I went out. My wing and I planned what we wanted to try to do and help each other. My goal was to be more expressive and more direct with kino. His was to be bold. I ended up taking his goal as well, especially with kino. As you can see, if you ever get stuck. Kino. If you can't kino. Be bold. That's my new thing. Be bold. If you're bold a lot of stuff will just flow naturally.