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  1. my gf exes

    Hey guys,

    I have a problem with my current GF who is HB9. So she's really hot and it's normal to be flooded by all the other guys who want to get that beauty.

    The problem is that she is sharing all this with me, how her boss really wants to fuck her, how all her colleagues desire her, how her ex bfs call her all the time and want to hang out with her. So my question is what should i do in response ? Now I am acting cool telling her that this is really cute and etc. but i am not sure what the perfect response should be and actually i am little jealous or maybe my ego is being hurt.

    So please dont be shy, i am expecting the usual good responses. Thanks in advance


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    Sounds like she is shit testing you. She is testing you to see if you lose your frame and get jealous.

    My advice is to ignore her or occasionaly tease her on it - like telling her that if she wants a raise then she better sleep with her boss but you get half of the raise because it was your idea to begin with.

    You need to get more women in your life too. This chick is high maintenance and needs to think you are the catch and not her.
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  3. thank u LittlbigD
    Im glad that a instructor answer me so fast, u guys are the real deal haha the advice is good, i ll take it

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    Trying to get you jealous, you not giving her enough attention is what it sounds like, her having to blatantly tell you that she's the prize.

    I'd tell her you can fuck any guy you want with one condition, I have to pick the guy I feel is most worthy of fucking you. And if you see a hot babe out there worthy of fucking me, let me know, I'll even let you give her a test drive. But until then I own your pussy...

    What is going to be fun is if you're with her and go to the holiday parties, you get to see the guys that hit on her face to face. Or you just show up at her job one day for lunch and eat with her, esp. if it's a place her coworkers are going to be at. And just go to see if she's got a picture of you out (if they allow it). I know when the relationship isn't going good...there's just kid photos or photos of animals, but no boyfriend or husband.

  5. Ok now i thought of another situation.
    what should i do when she starts sharing about her ex bfs. should i be cocky n funny or i am in comfort and should listen to her and trying to understand her. that's my sticking point for now. what do u guys think ?

    sdnightfly i am not that good with english metaphors so can u explain the "kid animal bf photos" thing with other words

  6. Hey man,

    I've been there, and done that a GAZILLION times with my current GF. Shes a hotty to, gets hit on a lot and KNOWS shes hot. Literally - this girl will go - "Tom...I'm so cute"...."yes keep telling yourself that". Anyway...

    I also get the "This guy said this" or "This happend in the past" - I even had this once - I was jacking off in her face - and she says to me quite openly "I remember when I was with this guy once, he came on my tits...and i thought it was gross"...moment...GONE.

    So - how did I deal with this shit? Its a pain in the ass...and yea - some could be shit tests...some could not be. My girlfriend says to me on the street if a guy walks past "oooo - he's hot!" I simply reply "Cool" or "Yea - I'd fuck him".

    BOOM - easy.

    You just have to accept it for what it is and really not let it affect you. I even do it to her sometimes - "Oooo - she was hot". If she gets stressy - simply say to her "Hey babe - you do it to me, then I'll do it to you - give and take!".

    LittleBigD is bang on the money...tease her about it...then cut the thread and move on. Keep giving her awesome sex. Keep it chilled man. YOU'RE THE PRIZE!

    No worries


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