Best Open ended questions?

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  1. Best Open ended questions?

    Hi guys
    You know I am a great flirt but when it comes to drawing girls out in conversation I get a bit dull and I ask lame question like were are you going? or at uni how many modules are you taking? or worse the conversation doesn't flow. I want to be able to get a quality cconversation then leave at the right time but I dont know how to draw a girl out in a conversation. So it would be great if any of you guys could give me some great open ended questions or quick conversation techniques.

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    What is the meaning of life?

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    Always ask questions with:
    What Why Where How
    A friend from a lair, suggested say something and then "what are your thoughts on this?"
    I suggest read some sales books.
    The Sale Bible is good start. I'd look into Zig Zaglar's stuff.
    If you have to ask yes/no question, try to do the yes-ladder
    Example: let's say you want her to ask her "do you wnt to kiss me"
    Start with:
    Do you like to see people smiling? HB: yes
    Do you like to make people laugh? HB [giggles]: yes
    Do you sometimes get a feeling that you can trust a complete stranger after you've met him (point) a few minutes ago. Like you get a really warm feeling of comfort? HB: yeah/sometimes
    Show me your hand HB: ok
    take her hand and say: do you want to kiss me??? HB: ok/yes/maybe...

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    What stage are we talking about?
    Anyways! Having routines is imperative, this fill time and, should, leave questions but if you're looking solely for questions then here's a few:
    "What do you think about tanning? I mean like tanning beds, sprayers instant tanner's the whole shenanigan. A friend of mine is thinking about starting a shop but I dunno if it would go over well, what do you think?"
    "People that know who they are, you know, people that aren't shy, confused or boring, those are the kinds of people I like to be around, they're sure and confident, who are you guy's that you're worth hanging out with, who are you guys? What kind of people do you chill with? What makes them fun to be with?"
    ...those are what we call "filler" it's not fluff but it really serves little purpose other than to fill in the gaps of where a routine WOULD go. Get some canned material or craft your own, it's that simple.
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  5. Thanks True Story I am going to buy the sales bible.

  6. I am talking about both the stages where one woman doestn't show interest and two the stage were woman show interest vincent.

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    Most of these aren't open ended. But they're instant hooks.
    - How old were you when you first kissed a boy?
    - Do you ever flirt with guys just to see if they'll flirt with you back?
    - Which is more important, attraction or affection?
    - If I was your BF, and sick, in bed, would you bring me canned or hommade soup?
    - What is it that you think I like about you?
    - Which one of you two would win in a fight?


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