Big Business Live Consult - NYC June 2008
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    Big Business Live Consult - NYC June 2008

    I did a live consultation with Big Business a few weeks ago in NYC. Big Biz is really knows his shit. I had a bunch of questions for him, all of which he had very insightful solutions for me. I have been having some sticking points with my game lately and I really needed the opinion of someone who knows what they were talking about.

    I took a bootcamp back in April in NYC with The Don, Cajun, and Big Business. I got to work with and see Big Business a lot and I was definitely impressed. He is an excellent people person, extremely funny, and has the natural ability to make people feel comfortable when having a conversation with him. I guess in a nutshell he's a really cool dude who's good with girls.

    After three months in the game, some of my sticking points were not physically escallating enough, the structure of my day two's, and my approach anxiety. We dealt with each of these issues and I received a lot of great insight from him. We talked a lot about inner game stuff as well. He helped me work out some issues I was having in my head about one night stands. I've never had a problem having one night stands with HB6's and HB7's, but i got into the game for quality, not quantity. I could personally care less about one night stands. I'm 32 and I'm looking for something a little more then that. He had some great insight for me regarding this issue.

    The approach anxiety thing is something that has gotten me down at times also over the past three months. We went over some things I could do about that also.

    Overall, it was a HUGE help for me. I highly recommend Big Biz to anyone looking for assistance with their game. He is a great teacher. It was a giant confidence booster for me.

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    Thanks for the kind words, NYCPimp. Let me know how things progress.

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