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    Ive got 2 stories that I'd like to hear your opinion about. I dont seem congruent telling other peoples stories, so i'm trying to tell my own stories in a good way, and since storytelling is a really important skill I would like to imrpove it. Both stories really happened to me, i just exaggerate a little. If theyre any good your of course free to use them.

    the yate-story
    So what was your most embarrassing experience? - blablabla and yours? - omg i cant tell you - tell me! - (so it doesnt look like bragging, since she wanted to hear it) ok, so I met this girl on a train,and we really hit it off. (DHV: I'm an outgoing person who meets people on trains) She asks me if I wanted to go out, and even tough I'm with my baggage, cause I just came home from France (I travel,&open thread) I agreed, cause she was one of those girls that... won the first price in the genpoollottery. (shes beautiful=preselection) So we went to a party, but the entrance was 30 dollars... i dont know how she did it, but somehow she talked to the bouncer, he let us in for free. (again, because of here beauty we got in) Inside I felt like a bum, cause all the other people looked like millionairs. But that was cool, they invited us to drinks and weed all night. So when we got out, we were feeling really happy and enthusiastic, and i got a brilliant idea. There were some Yates in the Lake, and I decided that we got on one to feel like the richest couple in the world (adventurous, risk-taking) So we get on it, it was really romantic cuz you could see the sky very clear and we felt the waves, like on the titanic (talking about feelings), and i realize.... the door is open. so we get inside. After a while we hear voices: geeet ooooff the yateee! (funny policevoice) geeet ooooff the yateee! so we try to be as silent as we can, but it was one of this moments, you know this feeling when you shouldnt laugh but you just cant help it? (feelings again) So the police got got upon the yate, and... (embarrassed face, dramatic pause) they see us lying on the ground, naked. (bigger preselection, since beautiful girls choose to fuck me the same day they met me) - muahahahahaha - it was a policeman and a policewoman, the two of them trying to stay formal, but they just couldnt hide their smile. (imitating formal policevoice get into your clothes, please, sir. i repeat, get into your clothes, please, sir. So I take all the guilt and said "oh the girl is innocent, she thought it was mine blabla" and they take me to theyre station. (kind of protectorDHV) Luckily, the owner of the yate decided not to sue me. I guess it was one of the rich guys from the party.

    The foam party story
    An adventurous thing ive done...? let me see... You know foam parties? Ya I think theyre boring, cause the ones i went to i didnt really like. But I did one in the streets one. Since i'm the leader of my friends, they agree with all the stupid things I do. I think I could shit my pants, jump around and sing "tapiooooca" and a friend of mine would do the same. (thats bullshit, but I dont know how to convey "leader of men" otherwise.) So I saw this fire extinguisher in a building once, and stole it... and we made our own foam party in the streets... first we were like 5 guys, but other people saw us... so in the end we were like 20 people, throwing foam at each other. (exaggerated but who cares)

    I would like to hear some critics and ideas to improve it.

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    Umm by yate do you mean yacht ?
    Both of the stories seemed really far fetched in my opinion. The second one I didn't really like but the first one if it were polished up might work. Dont have too much time right now to explore further

  3. Thanks for your answer, yeah I mean yacht. The stories are both true, what seems far fetched to you? Of course those things don't happen to me everyday, I don't have a lot of ONS yet, and i dont make foam parties everyday but thats the point, right? telling the good stuff about yourself like it would happen everyday? How would you guys convey DHVs like Leader of men, Protector, Preselection or other DHVs verbally? Which ones do you convey?

    I would love to hear some further explanation & examples!


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