pills to make my dick grow
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  1. pills to make my dick grow

    i like my dick size
    and the sex with my girl is great
    but i wouldnt mind an extra inch or two
    they keep showing this extenze thing on tv
    and i've been thinking of taking it
    whatchu guys think?
    have any of u done anything to make ur dick bigger?
    does it really work?
    is it dangerous?
    hah id like to put a popscicle stick in between 2 bricks
    and break it with my cock lol
    put that shit up on redtube lol
    hell yeah
    let me know what your thoughts are on this
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  2. Comedian Joe Rogan has a great bit about this:

    http ://blog.joerogan.net/archives/74
    Big dick pills.

    It should be totally legal to sell big dick pills, because if youíre fucking dumb enough to believe that a pill can make your dick grow, you deserve whatever youíve got coming. Donít you think that maybe you would have heard about that before? Like on the news or something? Wouldnít you think the new york times would run a story on the big dick pills first? No, I think they generally announce astounding medical breakthroughs that would be worth TRILLIONS of dollars world wide, as commercials during the Howard Stern radio show. Thatís how they get the word out. Itís very effective.

    I think if youíre ripping off naive old ladies with a mortgage scam, you should go to fucking jail, but think they should let the makers of the "Hollywood 24 hour miracle diet" slide. And if someone ever hears that commercial, and asks you if that stuff works, you should encourage them to invest their lifeís savings in it. Tech stocks are down, but big dick pills are on the rise!

  3. hah
    i personally think hes an asshole
    could we really consider joe rogan an Alpha male?
    hes more like an insecure manly beta male
    just as many chumps are so insecure to learn the ways of a pua
    other guys with small cocks are insecure about geting help
    no offense to u 2069
    but has anyone ever tried it?
    i wana hear experiences
    these pills may be complete bull shit
    or they may be a undiscovered jewel
    just like this community was b4 mystery sold out
    (i smell a warning...lol)

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    Serioiusly, man!!!

    Why do you come on here and ask shit like this? Do you really think you're gonna get constructive advise?

    It's your money, do what you want

    I don't mean to sound like a prick, but really, that shit should be up to you
    "Sexuality is morally neutral! She cannot be held responsible for what makes her wet!"

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    Talk with your doctor before you ingest anything, pump anything, or rub cream on anything.
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