Fader Phone Consultation - July 2008

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    Fader Phone Consultation - July 2008

    I feel i came a long way from not being able to make eye contact, and talk to anyone some months ago to where i am now. After getting opening and transitioning plenty of tries, i ran into a new problem: sets would just walk away from me or loose interest in what im saying, after i ran out of stories/ routines to tell. I felt it was an issue of generating enough attraction. Spoke on the phone with Fader, who said some of the routines i used needed changing and i should also focus on qualification (other than looks). Fader seemed obv very knowledgeable about what i did wrong in my examples, including how to deal w/ amogs. He also said to drop this routine, which i used for qualification constantly : http://www.theattractionforums.com/f...ad.php?t=54556

    Fader said it comes off as being too needy, fishing for a response.
    ... I prob need to save up for a while to eventually do a 1 on 1, to pinpoint my exact issues, as to why sets loose interest (even if i come in high energy, tell stories, focus on body language etc..) but in the meantime phone consults can really help progress ur game! t

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    Great talking to you man. We will finish the rest soon. Go out, do your approaches, and trade off bad routines for good ones and you will get better simply by addition through subtraction. Holla!
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