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    I have this book.
    After I read I cant tell you that I became more sarcastic and witty, I had more one liners during conversations, not because I memorized anything the book opens your mind to what people laugh about.
    I really recommend it.
    And I will read it again.


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    I have recently bought comedy writing secrets and am finding it useful. Im aplying it to everyday conversations and can say that i am finding the joke in alot of what people say. Ive never been like this so im going to keep it up and use it in field. Before i bought it i read a sample chapter from amazon of another similar book called the serious guide to joke writing by sally hollaway. To be honest it did seem a lot easier to understand and had much better customer reviews. I was thinking of buying it instead but decided on the other one because david d recommended it. I will defo get it after.

  3. Just go to Amazon and search for Comedy Writing Secrets.

    You'll see by the reviews that's it's sub-par. There are better books that aren't out-dated.
    Just look in the related books gallery. Amazon shows you what other buyers ended up purchasing after getting that.

  4. one of my favorite books. That and 'truth in comedy'. MUST READS


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