Urgent help needed.....
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  1. Urgent help needed.....

    Please reply to this - I need something quick!!!!!

    This girl I like invited me to a Dance Music Festival about 300 miles away, the idea was that I'd go with her and her (female) friend. I was never that bothered about going but as the invite was there. What actually annoyed me was that a few weeks later I've been given the classic "well actually it's gonna be a chance for my friend and I to spend some time together" - eg. you are no longer invited.

    Thing is she then suggested that I go see one of my friends who lives near the festival venue the same weekend - obviously so she can get a lift up. I can't and won't do this, no way - it's making me look a fool if I do....

    She's just text me asking my plans for that weekend and I was gonna reply with something like:

    "Is that the festival that I was invited and then uninvited to? not sure what I'm doing that weekend but looks like my friend is on holiday so I guess I'll just stay here"

    Thing is I need to convey value and not look like I'm bothered.....Help!!!

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    I wouldn't say what you suggested. It makes you look weak and upset. Let it roll off your back.

    The mindset you have to have is "I'm a busy man, I have many cool and interesting things to do. I don't have time to give you a ride 300 miles."

    Just say "hey babe, I've got something else to do. Good luck finding a ride."

    You say this without sarcasm or malice because it's NOT a big deal to you that you got uninvited. Shit suck it up and go sarging.

    Good luck man. Curious to see what you say back to her.

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    yes, like King wrote, you've something better to do and thus can't give her a ride.


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