Fader 1 on 1 - NYC, June 2008
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    Fader 1 on 1 - NYC, June 2008

    I went in honestly not knowing quite what to expect. I tried to be as clear as possible with Fader before we started about where I was in the game, and what I was looking to get out of this and he quickly perceived where I stood.

    I think Fader's greatest strengths as a teacher boil down to two things: he is ego-free and he is very perceptive. That he genuinely cares is a bonus on top. The fact that he is ego-free allowed him to accept my point of view on a few things, incorporate it into his thinking and came back with answers that I could accept. The night felt more like a discussion than a lecture and that style definitely worked for me; for some people, a lecture will work better and I think Fader would do a great job of quickly adapting to that as well. His perceptiveness came out a few times in that even things that I was doing well, he would give me pointers to work on and make them even better. I feel that most instructors would be self-congratulatory about improving the student's biggest weaknesses but I appreciated that Fader tried to be as comprehensive as possible.

    Fader also avoided most of the negative stereotypes associated with the community, which I think is important at this evolution stage of the game. Overall, he is a normal guy with real interests and passions who uses the game as a framework to understand and translate social dynamics. In some areas, I think he is approaching "life coach" status rather than just a run of the mill PUA and even though I didn't ask for help in other areas, I am confident he could offer a great, unbiased perspective.

    I unfortunately do not have any crazy stories from the 1 on 1 but that was not Fader's fault at all, mostly my abysmal level of game . I'd strongly endorse him not because his teachings are materially different from anyone else out there but because I don't think you would get a better teacher in-field or one with the commitment to make sure you understand the stuff.

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    Thank you so much man. Great working with you. You are clearly brilliant and if you apply the same amount of tenacity to this as you do the rest of your life I imagine you will be getting me girls shortly. Be aggressive on the touching, time bridge properly and don't forget to lock in. That being said you have so much in your life that is so much more profound then other people your age if you dont become a super star I am going to drink bleach. Drano thanks.

    See you soon mang!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fader View Post
    if you dont become a super star I am going to drink bleach.
    Wow... that's a cool promise!
    I truly appreciate men who are able to state their convinctions so clearly !
    Well said Fader !

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