random facebook conversation, help ?!
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  1. random facebook conversation, help ?!

    Ok well I added this girl b/c she clicked yes on my" Are you Interested " pic and she was an HB 7/8. This is how the conversation is going and let me know how im doing and how I should close this so we can go out one night .. heres the convo here

    ME : hey do I kno you ?

    HER : no... u added me.
    so i should be asking u that.

    ME lol =/ i think my friends were on my facebook. u go 2 ****? ... you know **** and **** ?

    HER:haha ive heard of themm.
    but ive never like talked to them u no?

    ME:lol i remeber why i added you ! lol your the chick that clicked yes on the are you interested thing, what am i going to do with you ;P
    yaa i know them i use to promote for this night club called *** and i met them through that

    HER:lol ohhhhh haha
    yeaaa i forgot bout that. lol
    && thats cool.
    ive been there a few times.

    Tell me how im doing so far and how can I close this thing so we can go out !

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    You're doing great. You've opened, hooked and DHV'd well. That last message of her's is packed full of IoIs.

    You should now ask a qualifying question - reward her if she gives you a nice answer then close.

    Something like...


    You seem cool, but I'm a bit worried that you [Something from her profile]! Can't work you out!

    So answer me this: If you lived in a world where everyone looked the same, what about you would make you stand out in a good way? :-)"

  3. Lol thanks im still a noob to the whole gaming thing, but what do you exactly mean by rewarding her ? I wrote what you told me too and this was her responseHER
    HER :you shouldnt be worried bout it.
    i was raised **** but i dont beleive in anyting
    but i respect everyones religious views and never judge ppl ofr it.
    honestly. i really dont no.
    im really out going, fun to be around, and can make anyhting fun haha ]
    but thats it. ahah
    So how do I "reward her and close it " !?
    Thanks YoYo123

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    hahahahahaha You didn't say you were worried about her religion did you? hahahahaha Classic! You should have chosen something like a dorky sweater she was wearing or something! I guess I didn't make myself clear. The idea was to be teasing and funny I think you've done yourself a bit of damage there... but she still gave you a reasonably good answer which you can use. Here's a suggestion for a reply...

    "haha that was the sense I was getting from you. You've got a nice girl smile, but there's also that twinkle of mischief behind your eyes!

    We should hang out and do something fun. What's the best way to contact you - not on this site?"
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