I need URGENT with street game/ day game!

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    I need URGENT with street game/ day game!

    Hey guys,
    So basically I have this huge problem that I didn't think was so big, but after today I noticed that its waaaayyy bigger then I ever imagined.

    Today I actually went out with a buddy and sarged on the street and it was a complete disaster.

    My approach anxiety was through the roof, it took me so long to even approach A girl, and when I did it was went terribly. I was walking casually/confidently chatting with my buddy, then I noticed this girl walking towards us. I decided that I just need to approach, who cares. So as soon as she was about to walk by us I said "Hey can I get your quick opinion on something?" she gave me the cold shoulder and just ignored me. That sucked, big time.

    Now, this may seem like your typical case of AA and should just do the 1000 approaches. But its not that simple, see, in clubs or partys, I have NO approach anxiety, I feel cool, calm, confident, relaxed and really don't give a shit if I get rejected ( and believe me I've been rejected something bad) For some reason though, when I'm on the street, that confidence leaves and I feel, insecure, intimidated and vulnerable.

    I just don't understand why I can't just transfer my confidence I have in clubs and partys to the streets.

    Guys I really need your help on this one. Any type of feedback or advice would be much appreciated.


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    People are used to annoying market research people approaching them, and they're not used to being sarged in the daytime, so when it happens all the protection goes up. You approached a single set, with an agenda (she was going somewhere), in the day, on the street ... you couldn't really have picked anything harder. You did damn well just to get past the anxiety and make the approach.

    As for why it didn't go so well, I'd say it's because you think it's a big deal. You think it's a weak area, you think you're going to burn, and when you do it knocks your confidence more. You need to get into a frame where it's not a big deal. Because it isn't.

    Go back to the MM newbie challenge - 3 approaches an hour, 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, for a month - but instead of any approach make them all day game approaches outside of a conventional meeting place.

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    Try non-moving targets in relaxed environments first. easier. Try Starbucks, then Bookstores, then Shopping malls, parks then on sidewalks...

  4. Try this out, go out ask the time or directions to 10 ladies. After doing that, ask the same but then compliment a piece of her cloth. See how it goes...if you can continue a conversation or not. Don't initialy worry about reaching an objective like #close, or instant date or whatever. Just open and let it flow. When you think about those goals before opening someone it creates more AA. If things go well during the conversation then you will feel confortable to close the deal.

    If you do night game, then you know women in groups are terrible lol. This is 1v1 she doesn't have anyone to protect her, no cockblocker telling you to piss off or a group of bored friends ruining the enviroment etc.

    Lol 1k approaches is madness.
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    The opener is "Excuse me, you're absolutely stunning, I was going to kick myself if I let you walk past me without saying hello. How are you?"

    The target is a hot chick walking down the street.

    Do it 10 times in ONE day, and you will see it's actually quite easy ;-)

    The next problem you will come back to me with is, "Wow, I got some really positive responses! Some of the women stopped, but then I didn't know what to say!"

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