How do you deal with a work number?
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    How do you deal with a work number?

    This is my first post, and I thought I'd include a little of my background. I'm in the marines, and while I was in Texas for a few months, my corporal put me on to The Mystery Method. I read it cover to cover that night, and then we started going to the bars all the time for practice (the bars in Texas don't seem to care how old you are if you have a military ID). After quite a bit of practice I would say I'm doing pretty well for myself. I'm back home in Georgia in the reserves, and I just got back into college.
    The reason I'm making this post is because I had a bit of bad fortune the other night, and I want to know how to correct it. My usual wingman found a party for a friend of his getting back from Iraq, and there weren't a lot of girls there, but the ones that were there were nines and tens. After being at the party for only a few minutes I had isolated a nine that I met on my way in. About 10 minutes later my wingman, knowing what kind of girl I like, brings over a solid ten. He waits until I'm well in, and he takes the nine and isolates the two of us. After talking for a while she mentioned something about her job, so I asked what she did. She said that she had two jobs, one as a surgical technician, and one as a runway model, and I'd believe it, she was hot. She said that she wouldn't be at the party for long because she had a hair appointment early the next morning. I didn't know how long I had, so I asked for her number, and she put it in my phone. We ended up drinking and talking for the better part of three or four hours, and then went for coffee. When we got back she said that she had to leave, so I asked what she was doing the next day. She said that she would be busy all day, but had the night open. I told her to schedule me in, and after she agreed I said that I would call her. She gave me slightly regretful look that at the time I didn't understand. The next day when I called the number it turned out to be her work number. She said that she wont be working until Wednesday, so I left a message with my number and said to call back. I know a lot of her friends, but I think it might come off as weird if I try to get a hold of her that way.
    I basically need a second opinion, if I don't get a call back, is this salvageable, or should I forget about it?

  2. I'd wait it out mate, see if she gets back to you. She prob does this to all the guys she meets. Some sort of shit test.


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