LTR with Religious girl

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    LTR with Religious girl

    I searched the forums and found a lot of stuff but not exactly what I'm looking for. Post links to other posts if you think they might help as I proly haven't found all the ones I could read about this..

    Ok so I'm in an LTR with a christian girl and she's VERY concerned about her 'reputation'. Thing is though we make out in public, we've even gone further. But around anyone she knows she completely de-sexes herself. She becomes a completely wound up zealot moral freak. She's an absolutely wonderful girl and lets herself go with me in all sorts of ways, not just sexual, and I love her to death. But anytime her family or anyone she knew from 'the old days' even enters her consciousness she completely changes. Its like there are two of her, and the zealot has absolute control and lets the normal her out to play when there's no danger of being discovered.

    Any suggestions on how to get her over this? Its a damned handy skill to have but its starting to get on my nerves.

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    yeah; i dated a girl like that briefly. Note the word briefly. You may be able to get around her religious programming but it is so much easier to just next her and move on. Religious girls have their own set of hang ups, guilt and issues. It jsut isnt worth it with so many other girls out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Epicurious View Post
    Any suggestions on how to get her over this?
    Tell her that you like the girl YOU'RE with but you can't help but notice that she changes when she's around other people. Make her aware of her behaviour.

    That being said, I imagine her religion is something she grew up with and is not going to let go of easily. The problem lies with her, not with you.

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