Feedback on my myspace opener
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  1. Feedback on my myspace opener

    (tell me what you guys think... this girl's name is Kia and she is a solid 9HB)

    You offer the longest warranty running huh? How many miles is on this Kia... mind if I kick the tires? jk jk forgive me... so sorry!

    Seriously tho, I could of used your opinion on Sunday when me and some ppl were having an heated debate. You are too slow! jk I was just randomly picking girls for their opinion.

    Since I have your attention now, I work as research consultant so I'm not from around here. That basically means I get to goof off and travel all over the world. Which is always exciting and keeps me young.

    So anyways I'm new to the Seattle area. I was wondering if you knew where all the hott spots and nightlife was??... Where the women have personality, and look like you!


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    From: ..Kia..
    Date: Jun 19, 2008 7:44 AM

    hmmmmm help with what?

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    From: ..BWB..
    Date: Jun 17, 2008 2:23 PM

    Hi there! This is totally random and I don't want to disturb you, but I was wondering if you give me your unbiased female opinion... you look like a bright girl... Me and my friends are having a heated debate. Can you help us out?


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    1. Stop explaining that your jokes are jokes. Girls aren't stupid. If there's a chance that the girl will misunderstand then it's not really a joke, it's more an insult that you find funny. Drop it or rewrite it so it's more obvious.

    2. In the opener you said you wanted a female opinion, and then you didn't follow up with anything that needed one. That sounds like you're skipping the attract phase and jumping straight to either comfort or seduction.

    I like the "Where the women have personality, and look like you!" comment. If you switched it around so it's "Where the women look like you, and have personality!" it becomes a neg, albeit a pretty harsh one. Need a big grin to pull that off I reckon.

  3. Stop with the opinion opener bullshit. Be real with the girl.


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