How would you deal with this situation?
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  1. How would you deal with this situation?

    I have a history with this girl. We went out for one year and she's a really good friend. This past year we went our separate ways, because she transferred to a new college a year ago. But I made the effort to call her a few times throughout the year and we also went on vacation together during winter break.
    At the start of summer break (a month ago) I get a text from her saying, "Do you miss me? What are you doing thsi summer?"
    I didn't reply and called her the next day and she didn't pick up. I left her a voicemail and simply said to call me back. She never called me back.
    Today I get a text from her, "Hi, remember me?"
    So I don't know what to do. Should I reply? If so, what should I say?

    I know what youre thinking, but this isn't really a one-itis case. We went out, and then we became good friends. I don't want to lose her as a friend, but I thought it was weird how she didn't reply to me... until a month later. So, now I don't know the best route to take as a result.

    Also, this has happened to me before. So I also want to know the answer to this question for future reference, that's why I am asking.
    I usually don't talk to a girl, and then I get a message from them "Remember me?" and I never know how to reply to it.

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    "yea, your that girl that begged me to go out with you for a year"

  3. A few thoughts:

    1) Lots of "we went out" that "became good friends" have loads of residual attraction. This one could be ripe for picking if you choose to escalate, although feelings are more likely to get hurt upon the second breakup. (The reason: something caused you to break up before. If you get back together, you're both signaling that whatever broke you up before must now be less important than your commitment to date again.)

    2) Her on-again/off-again behavior could indicate a couple things. One is that she's embarrassed but wants to re-kindle something. Ignoring her first text may have made this worse. Second is that she is using you as the second string--working on getting something going with another guy(s) but keeping you warm as a backup.

    3) Her "Hi, remember me?" could just be playful, flirty. Her "Hi, remember me?" can also be a bit of a scolding, her disciplining you for going silent.

    4) If you want to escalate, you can reply back with something flirty/joking like "Yeah, I jumped out your window that time when your boyfriend came home :-)".

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    I would text her back and say "yea I remember you... you're the person that doesnt return calls" 1st call her out on her BS (DHV) 2nd if she doesnt reply GOOD she was most likely a LIAR and a pain in the ass that you didnt need. (chances are she has been getting her ass jackhammered by another dude and thats why she didnt call you back)

    Bro remember there are millions of HBs in the world so DONT PUT UP WITH ANY BS... I just blew up at a good friend of mine that is having women trouble, the WHORE was cheating on him and he keeps talking about how great the sex was and how he would like to hook back up with her!!! WTF? What does she have the only pussy on earth?That what I said to him and he called me back to thank me today.

    When a woman plays games and disrespects me Im so fucking DONE with her and I then say my favorite magic word.... NEXT!

    If she can show you she is a "good girl" and you want to hit that ass then just show her you are the fuckin man(DHV) make her believe/feel like she needs to win you over, then put it to her.

    Good luck,


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