theRiver: complete makeover, starting from SCRATCH

Hey guys,

I just started Mystery Method last week, and I can't put it down. The errors and mistakes and resulting outcomes describe my flaws to the T! I'm realizing now, that when I began PU, I learned what I needed to get started and learned more and applied it as I received it. But I had no structure!

I've literally been relying on my natural foundation in socializing almost completely, with the addition of a few token openers and routines. I've also learned to supplicate less, disqualify myself, neg (as appropriate), and make her qualify to me. Those pieces of knowledge, combined with the bits of a strong personality I got from my father, are everything I've got!

I have no structure to my game. Mystery Method has helped me realize this and is offering a solution.

So, this is where you guys come in: I'm considering scratching everything I've learned so far, when I finish MM. I don't mean throwing it away; I just mean I'm not going to focus on the elements of PU that are beyond elements that I've not yet perfected. For example, I'm not going to focus on raising a woman's buying temperature, until I'm successfully able to hook sets consistently. Know what I mean?

I'm realizing that I'm a bit of a loose cannon out there. I gotta control my shit here! Anyway, I'm not going to start any of this until after I've finished the MM.

What do you guys think? Will it help me to start back at the beginning and patch all the holes I've ignored before?