I haven't seen this before
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    I haven't seen this before

    Well for those of you that don't know me my name is Conspiracy and I've been working recently on the subtelties behind game, so without further ado I'd like to show you some of my work in this fully broken down field report.

    Ok so Saturday night I ended up in the Goose and due to communication problems I was alone, so not to let that get the better of my night I started sarging. I built quick social proof by talking to giving a respectful nod to the bouncers (this is brilliant, cos they always nod back and it makes it seem like you know them) as well as chatting with the bar staff. Anyway, after about 10 minutes in walks my target HB9 blonde and behind her HB6 and three guys. (hmm, I like a challenge)

    So I decided to break down from open to close the various aspects and subtle hints that allowed me to succeed in this set.

    I walked up to HB6, "hey you dropped your smile, you having a good night?" (By walking up to the less attractive I'm not a threat to the three guys who were busy talking to HB9 thus they won't try and blow me out, plus if a girls being ignored by her group she hooks easier.) (hey, you dropped your smile. At first sounds tacky, but when you look into it, if someone says the word smile, you start to smile, it's natural, especially in women who are naturally submissive) [So in this approach, I have hooked the set, made my targets best friend smile(thus meaning she's having a good time with me), and have not yet shown the guys that I'm a challenge]
    HB6: it's not bad, but my friends tend to ignore me.
    Conspiracy: Wait, there you're friends? (Here I can quickly discover any links and as luck would have it they were the links I was hoping for)
    HB6: Well the girl is, we only just met the guys.
    Conspiracy: ah, I bet that happens all the time, guys come up to her tell her she's pretty and then follow her around and hope she takes them home, I've always wanted a pet dog, have you got any pets. (Here I have AMOGed the guys to the best friend(I've always wanted a pet dog), made her laugh again, and began building friendly rapport with her(have you got any pets))
    HB6: I've got two cats, what about you?
    Conspiracy: takes out phone and shows pics of his cat Yeah I've got this cat, it's awesome, though a complete retard. I hate oit when guys act like that, here watch this. Stands up and put his arm around two of the three guys Hey guys, I was just talking to those three girls over there turns guys to face girls and they said they would really like to meet you guys, so I was wondering if you could go say hi to them, it'd do me the biggest favour ever. (The pics of my cat create that aww emotion that every girl has so once again builds rapport) (Watch this creates intrigue and the friend will later tell the target about it, which will make the number more likely to be solid) (By putting my arms around the guys I'm showing complete dominance over them and then by turning them to the group of girls I'm showing leadership qualities)
    HB9: I really like your necklace
    Conspiracy: Pardon, wait a second, I can't hear you walks around and sits next to HB6 so that HB9 is looking at him with her back to the guys What did you say? (By pretending I didn't hear her, it shows that I wasn't quite listening to her, so a mini false disqualifier) (By making her wait I'm showing leadership qualities again) (By sitting next to her friend I'm showing social acceptance amongst her social group) (By having her back to the guys, I'm AMOGing them without having a trail that leads back to me if they get violent)
    HB9: I really like you're necklace
    Conspiracy: So many people say that, you know it was given to me in India, I was staying with this tribe out there and the wiseman of the tribe said that he noticed me watching people and wanted to give me a gift, so he starts performing this spell on this necklace. He tells me that when I wear this I'll be able to read people. It's really strange but I do notice a difference when I'm wearing it, like it has a connection with me, have you ever had that connection with something or someone? self points (Obviously this is a DHV story, but it also includes NLP at the end to create that connection which will help in Comfort, it builds rapport by me asking her the question as well as allowing me to setup for a cold read(which are my specialities)
    The guys left by the end of this.
    HB9: Oh my God, I so know what you mean, so what can you tell about me.
    Conspiracy: Here give me your hand, runs cold reading spiel (here is another DHV by making my target think that I know more about her than anyone else I build a deeper connection with her, as well as some more attraction cos I'm now different to every other guy)
    HB9: Oh my God that was so me.
    Conspiracy: Oh my God no way, usually I get like 7 out of 10 (Oh my God has been said twice by HB9, so chances are it's a trance word for her which once again builds rapport) (7 out of 10 is what most people will say for something like that, so by taking that option away I'm pushing her to go higher which will build it up in her head)
    HB9: no way that was about a 9 out of 10
    HB6: Does anyone want a drink?
    HB9: Yeah, can I just have an archers and lemonade.
    Conspiracy: Oh my God, my exgf used to drink that. (Trance word again, and preselection)
    HB6: Do you want anything?
    Conspiracy: Can I just get a glass of water? Thanks darling ( Using a question to continue the friendly rapport, then assuming the answer is yes shows dominance)
    HB9: So what's your name?
    Conspiracy: Here come sit next to me, so I can hear you properly, it's a bit loud in here (giving her a command once again shows dominance and is slowly being escalated so that I can later tell her exactly what to do and there'll be no questions)
    HB9: comes round and sits next to me
    Conspiracy: My names Dan, and you are, Wait I'll tell you what, I like surprises, so how about instead you put your number in my phone with your name, then I'll be surprised when I go through it and find your name. (just a quick number close cos I'm gonna take this further)
    HB9: OK, but when you find it you better call me and have a chat. Puts her number in my phone and calls herself
    Conspiracy: OK, when I find it I'll give you a call, puts phone away (once again acting differently to every other girl)
    HB9: So what is it you do for a living?
    Conspiracy: I'm a professional dating coach
    HB9: Wow so you could get me a date?
    Conspiracy: Actually I mostly focus on getting guys laid
    HB9: Oh my God I haven't been laid in ages. (This would usually be a shit test, but there's a lot of IOI's so I just keep going)
    Conspiracy: I'd have you up against that wall, but you couldn't handle me.
    HB9: Whatever, I so could handle you.
    Conspiracy: Leans in closer So you could handle me throwing you up against the wall by your throat as I scratch and bite you in animalistic lust until your body, quivering, begs for me? Pulls back and does predatory eyes (clearly this is just to turn her on, and lead the talk into sex rather than mundane areas)
    HB9: Wow.
    Conspiracy: Just come here and kiss me. Pulls her in and makes out with her (Shows dominance again)

    From start to finish this took about 10 minutes, throughout I was kinoing it started with the palm read, and was continually matching my targets body language even before I approached.

    I have since been txting HB9 and we've agreed to meet up for drinks.

    Sorry it's a bit long, but there was a lot of information I wanted to put into it.


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    GREAT FR.. This is how it works guys!

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    That was a great read good pickup bro!

  4. Damn very smooth bro.


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