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    Sarging alone

    I was fucking tiered from the lack of sleep and work, but i was invited to this birthday party at tigertiger and i had a new outfit to fieldtest
    Arrived at ca 22:30, talked to the guy who invited me(who was also extremely drunk) and he complimented my outfit. But he was surrounded by a lot of other very drunk people so i figured out i go do some warmup sets, so i walked over and talked to some guys.
    After that i started to get very tiered and drunk, and i decided to sarge a little. Everyone i met i gave the rock, so people started to renember me and thinking i was a cool guy which gave me social validation. I cant renember all the girls i sarged, but some of them was a hb4 and hb7 which i number closed(dont renember how). And i used mystery`s steal seat trick on a hb7 who turned out to be married and having 3 kids. It was her first night out since she was pregnant for the first time Talked to them for a while and then i was approached by several girls who complimented me on my style.
    But at this time i was almost falling asleep talking so i went to and slept..
    Sorry for my not so good english, please forgive me

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    If you're ever able to lay off the booze during your sarge, you'd be a two-tone wrecking machine! With all the success around it, I guess I gotta start learning to implement body rock. Good work.
    Btw, your English is pretty good. In fact, it's really good - especially your punctuation. The only thing is that it's spelled 'tired'. I know. English doesn't make sense sometimes.


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