Girl from gym dont answer when I call
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    Girl from gym dont answer when I call

    I have been talking to this girl for some time in the gym. im not sure if i have heated the attraction as much as i should have done, but i have trying to be laid back because im in the gym to workout.
    But yesterday i asked her to get together sometime. She sounded and looked very happy i did ask, and gave me her number.
    Today i have tried calling two times but havent got any answer.

    How do i take it from here?

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    Remember: Many girls are too shy to answer a phone call, plus they love texting, plus texting ALWAYS should be the first interacting, when you're not together. So why would you call?

    Wait two days and then text her. Check out the big list of text messages thread first, though. After having established some communication via SMS', you're free to call her. And again, preparation is all!

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    Well she seems to be a very shy girl in the gym as well (but her looks compensate for that )

    If I meet her in the gym before i text her, what should i say to her then? should i be playful about "shes a brat for not answering my calls" or not mention it? give me advice

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    A girl's emotional state often influences her actions. Maybe she didn't answer, because something bad happened. By saying something like "You're a brat, cause you didn't answer my calls", even if it's playful, you'll most likely evoke these feelings again, so don't do it!

    Note: If something happens to your disadvantage, it's always best not to mention it.

    If she initiates the conversation with a "Sorry, I couldn't answer your call... whatever.", then tease her as mentioned above.

  5. It's really important to convey that you're not bothered by her not calling. Think: I have a life and she's the one missing out. If you make her feel that it matters more to you than it does to her you just conveyed lower value and it's game over.

    Maybe she has stuff in her life, or she's not feeling good, or she assumes she doesn't have to call you because you'll call again (in which case leave it a couple of days!) or as you say she's just shy.

    Just work on your game and try not to be bothered. The best way to do the second of those is to sarge other women.

    Gentle teasing maybe, but letting her know you're pissed is a no-no.

  6. If she isn't answering your calls, most likely she is have a mini buyer's remorse for giving it out. This is almost directly because there wasn't enough attraction. You can tell sometimes after #closing a chick if it is going to turn out decent. It's just by the atomosphere and how much attraction there is. I've had times wher I've closed in the past but it was kind of a dead feeling.

    I would do this (assuming she doesn't call you)..........

    Wait 2-3 days.

    Call her ONE more time, that's it.

    Leave a voicemail. Understand that it should be full of sarcastic humor, and telling her how lucky she was that you called to begin with etc....also mention somewhat nicely that this will be your last call and if she wants to talk, then she has to call you.

    If she calls and things get going, great!

    If not, cut your losses and hit on the chick you seen working out next to her lol. Women are in abundance.

    Chances are she'll call you back later, but this time you'll make her feel stupid for not calling you earlier by building attraction. If this happens, you should put her through your own shittests allowing her to prove herself to you!

    "Why would I want to talk to you?" (sarcastically)

    "Oh, so NOW you wanna talk?" (sarcastically)

    You get the idea.

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