Gaming the Ex who goes out with your best friend.
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  1. Gaming the Ex who goes out with your best friend.

    Ok, I am a senior at my high school and my ex , who I went out with sophomore year, who now goes out with my best friend, just gave me her number and stuff (handle on AIM) when she signed my year book. She also wrote

    "deep down I know that you still have feelings for me. its ok I have them too! ^_^ (jusa lil)"

    all after she wrote this huge thing about how we met and how much we were into each other when we went out.

    Since I began to study the methods that exist out there I have been pushing mad negs and disqualifying myself but also DHV'ing all the time. My best friend has no knowledge of the community or the methods out there.

    How should I approach this situation? I'd rather not go behind my friends back but also it would be nice to be with her again.

    Their relationship is kinda good, they go out all the time. My friend loves to DLV with self-deprecating humor. My friend is totally whipped... He also is becoming more and more like her, always taking her side and changing his likes to match hers all the time. When me and her went out it was kind of like this too, but not as much and I wasn't whipped.

    She broke up with me for never taking her out and not being able to see her that much. I was 16 with parents who lever let me out.

    She is leaving the state for college around the beginning of august. My friend and I are going to be staying here and going to the same college. I plan on introducing him to the Venusian Arts when they broke up.

    So yeah, what would you do in this situation?

  2. Threesome

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    Is it worth it

    He is your best friend , is he worth loosing over a peace of pussy??

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    DO NOT go there. she's not worth u loosing your best friend.

  5. There is a world.... A WORLD OF ABUNDANCE!!! More women then you can shake a stick at; I know she's familiar to you, and it's uncomfortable to go meet them unknown ladies... But, the flip side is that you could end up losing both of them, if you go after her...

  6. doesnt sound like much of a friend if he hooked up with your ex, subtely bf destroy him, say hes a really nice guy and into you so much etc, you two are going to get married and have babies, make him out to be clingy and not having a life of his own, a boring nice guy, but do it subtely and game other chicks and work on pumping your social value while lowering his

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    Good friends are hard to come by, good pussy isn't.

  8. forget em both dude, this isnt even pua.. its just lame.

  9. Stop

    The healthiest thing to do is forget about them both. Not hide yourself from them. Forget her as a girlfriend and forget him as a true friend. Now, they are just people that you know.

    If you were living the right lifestyle this would not affect you at all. It would disappoint you but only for a moment. Then you would go on and find your current girlfriend.

    I am going to suppose that you have no other options right now. Thats why you get stuck to this.

    About the girl : What kind of woman who "is still interested in you" goes and starts a relationship with you best friend?
    She is toying with both of you. She must be extremely insecure to behave like that. Just click the switch in your head and phase her out of your life. If you have feelings for her you will always feel something but thats as far as it goes.

    -If one day she knocks on your door....I would fuck her just to get over her. And I wouldn't think of my friend. It is about you and her. If my friend behaved differently then I would too.-

    About your friend : He has a lot to learn about keeping a healthy friendship. He had to calibrate if you had feelings for her, he had to tell you about her before even doing anything. Know there will always be clouds over your friendship. It is no friendship any more.

    About you : Accept that there are some women that behave like that. I believe she sees that she has still power over you so she tries to hook you. You on the other hand should have a full social life and you should be thinking your next lay.

    I will tell you what I have found out.
    The best way to deal with a situation like that (your friend and your ex) is welcome it. And have a life of your own. Let her wonder if she did a mistake leaving you.

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    She's probably getting tired of him, but he knows you went out with her. There has to be something in the back of his head wondering.

    What she wrote... she still has feelings for you, and was hoping you still had feelings for her.

    She's also probably looking for closure from you before she goes away.

    I wouldn't trust her to not say anything to your friend. She's going to try to find ways to end it. The worst thing is that the both of you are still going to be in the same area, and she's going to be far away dating other guys, as she should.

    Also take into account that your friend probably has no game, so he basically jumped on what you "threw away". He already built comfort with her, so the work was cut out for him. He will have no problem DLVing himself to her.

    So if you step back in, you're going to devestate him, but he also knows there's always that potential of you getting back with her. She probably has brought it up with him indirectly.

    If you really want to get back with her, I'd wait until she was out of college and has had some life experience. She might not be the same, you might not be the same, either.

    She broke up with you because you didn't do things the way she liked.

    I see their relationship ending by the end of the summer, I see her hitting on you, and the best thing to do is let her and your friend have a memorable last summer, and you can work on getting your game tight for college and practice all summer long. It'll be a lot more fun for you.


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