Short guys, do you wear height increasing shoes?

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  1. Short guys, do you wear height increasing shoes?

    I am not very short (average) at 5 foot 8 or 9. While being a little taller with shoes on. Do you guys wear anything to increase height? Is it important? I am pretty confident with my height to be honest, plus I am a pretty muscular guy. And don't want to be wearing shoes that just make me appear to be taller than I really am. What do you guys think and what are your suggestions?

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    you're not even short, man. Style is a lot shorter than you and his height has never been an issue for him

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    how tall is style? im 5'5ish

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    Doc Martens.

  5. Are doc martens all height increasing or something?

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    i think if you wear boots its easy.

    If you are looking for "height increasing" dress shoes, the search is alot harder, and you're better off, IMO, living with your height and just finding cool looking well made shoes.

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    We in Europe use centimeters for height. What would be 180cm in terms of your measure?

  8. That would be 5 foot 9 same height as me (I might be a little less)

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    Don't worry about your height. Ever notice how moviestars are all shortasses? Your personality will make you seem big. I'm 6'4, and i sometimes forget i'm taller than the other alpha's i hang out with. Just be larger than life and your height will mean dick all.

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    I wear the height increasing shoes a lot when I go out. I'm only 5'5" and I have some shoes that give me about an extra 2 inches. I'm still shorter than most even with the shoes on but its nice not to have everyone towering over me in the bar.

    Really though, its all about personality. I do notice attraction comes faster when I have the shoes on. However, past the initial attraction and hook point it all depends on your personality (or the personality you portray if you are still in the "fake it til you make it" phase).

    Confidence goes far. There are girls that will refuse to talk to or date a guy shorter than them. But if they are that superficial then they aren't the high value type of girls we should be gaming anyways.


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