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    People should be required to have a better reason for having surgery then "Girls dont like me".

    If i was a surgeon i think i would tell those people to find someone else to do the work.

  2. Surgeons aren't therapists. The coping mechanisms of their patients aren't really any of their business.

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    I'm just saying its completely rediculus to risk loosing your ability to walk all together, simply because they think women like taller guys.

  4. Yeah, I definitely agree with you there.

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    i agree..not worth it...i am about 5'7 or 5'8 and recently ive become a little self conscious about my height. Recently 2 girls commented about my height although they were shorter than me? wtf? ( they mentioned it to a good friend of theres which is a friend of mine ) didnt stop 1 of them from # and kiss closing though?...

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    Well I'm on the short side (170cm) and I always try to wear shoes that adds a few centimeters when I go out. But something that I have noticed though is that shorter people tend to have better postures than most tall people - I guess it's because were so used to looking up when talking to other guys. And lemme tell you, having a bad posture won't get you far with girls.

    With that said though, I do believe women are more attracted to taller men. It's not something I can change so I just live with it.

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    I am 5'8" with shoes. I always make sure I have good size heels. All my friends are taller than me, 6'0", 6'2", 6'3"... I have their respect, may be because I am a bit older than them and an overall better life experience. It's all about your attitude. Hold your head high and move with confidence. At this age I will not resort to physical altercation but I am not going to let any dumb ass dominate or lead me around. I am a black guy, in this sense it helps being black. I noticed long ago people have a presumption that I am street smart and have a tough internal attitude. Yeah Fuck.. I am not even from this country originally and in no way an expert in the tougher aspect of the African American culture. Although I do try... ha ha. I grew up in a strict religious society and family. You know what I do, I let dudes keep assuming. The bad guys stay away since they have inner game issues anyway, the good ones get to know me and light up when they find who I truly am.

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    I'm 5'7" and it used to matter to me after high school, but hasn't for a long time. Most of my gf's have been taller 5'8" to 5'10" and going out with them never affected me. In fact I may have a problem in that I don't realize how short I am It is funny in pictures where a couple of friends of mine are like 6'5 and 6'6...they tower over me.
    So...No, I don't wear shoes that boost me up.

  9. I am 5,6 living in london been wearing elevator shoes for a long time

    I own more then 10 pairs of elevator shoes ,I recently bought 2 pairs online from hosso london

    was very pleased ,very comfortable

    Its very important for elevator shoes to be comfortable ,whilst walking partying .

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    Yea if you look at Ryan Gosling height he uses height inserts to look taller


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