attractive backpacks
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  1. attractive backpacks

    i travel around a lot during the day and often i have to carry a lot of stuff around

    due to distance i'm often travelling by bike or scotter which means a
    messenger bag is out of the question i need a backpack of some sort

    trying to find one that actually looks good is harder
    obviously i'm not aiming for a surfer brand, i am at university

    suggestions anyone

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    you could try patagonia

    better than the cliche of north face and the company is quite interessting so it could actually be a talking point

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    i dont understand why a messenger bag is out of the question.

    they are afterall...a "messenger" bag, i would think you can sling it behind you and ride your bike, long as you dont leave the strap too long.

  4. Whatever you do, don't get a damn backpack with wheels!

  5. SkinnyGoomba to answer your question due to research projects i may often have a fair few LARGE text books which means i'm way unbalanced and not verthappy
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    I'm not really into the messenger bag anyway, myself. Looks too much like a man purse for my taste. This is a good post, though. I have a REALLY old L.L. Bean backpack that I've been carrying since high school, and I'm thinking about replacing it before next semester. I dig that Patagonia stuff. Anybody have any other ideas?
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  7. Visvim, Supreme, Headporter..etc

  8. Skateboard companies have some really cool and comfortable backpacks.
    Here's a link I just googled:

    I agree with Mation that messenger bags pretty much look like man purses. You would never catch me wearing one of those. There are also all those other ones you can find pretty much anywhere that has school supplies. Like High Sierra, Jansport, Columbia Sportswear, Quicksilver.

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    North Face are good but everybody has them.

    If you're from Texas you should know about Jon Hart. Those bags will literally last forever but I'm not sure if you would like them or not. I use a really old Jansport that has a lifetime warranty. I've had it for 7 years now and it still hasn't broken on me.

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    I don't know how many books your carrying but check out Oakley. They have all sorts. Some are a bit pricey but 100% quality with them. Plus the single strap over the chest is awesome!


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