I am Peacocking Like NBC
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    I am Peacocking Like NBC

    Soul Searching, or Who the fuck do you think you are?!

    One of the greatest preoccupations of the individual that crosses both genders is Identity. In simpler times, this was easy. You were a hunter, gatherer, chieftain, warrior, crafter, whore, serf bitch, or town drunk. Whatever. You were kind of given a place in society and even on the shit end of the proverbial stick, you still got ass if you excelled in your place.

    Ah, now onto our enlightened age where you are free to choose (within reason) what place you want to be. So here comes the nasty little clusterfuck with Whiskey dick after feeding Logic four shots of Cuervo and working your best game. Without a designated “place”, we have to carve out an Identity.

    We call this shit style, genre, hobbies, what we listen to, what we buy, what we wear, who we associate with, our ethnicity, and finally…..(drumroll please!) our occupation.

    If I can’t tell you what positions on the field I play, how the hell can I ever game?

    I get the impression that we all can’t be Rock God, Guido Metro-Superstar, Meathead MacKenzie, or Urban Prince Pimping-nickel. Well, I can’t but fuck knows I wish I was a rockstar.

    So this is where even Peacocking becomes a bitch. It has to come down to who I am versus who I want to be. Sure I can pick up a white fur coat and wear a black cowboy hat, but that ain’t me and I am sure the insincerity will reek like dogshit on my boots.

    So, who the fuck am I?

    Alright, name’s Aristotle. Yep real fucking name. Like to go by Ari for short. Damn proud of my name and my Greek heritage. In my life I have been an artist, a jock, a skater, a metal head, and into the industrial scene. Now I am not looking for a gay hairdresser for a makeover to switch who I am into some cheesey knock off guy Maxim. (I am reminded of a scene from Fight club where Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are on a bus and look at an ad with a generic male model and comment, “So…. that’s what a real man is supposed to look like” )

    Nah, fuck that noise. If there is something I am reading from Mystery is that your avatar has to be you, idealized and larger than life. I can’t fake something I am not. I got to roll in what I know. I got to be honest but not an attention seeking creep who refuses to keep himself groomed. But, I should take note of modern trends. Dude, it’s a tight rope walk.

    So my ass is going to work out what is the idealized version of me. Could I be more confident? Definitely but I feel fucking great now. Could I be in better shape? Yes, so I am going to increase my fitness regime and nutrition intake. Could my wardrobe improve? Sure, it could be more outgoing.

    So here is the deal: Looking for stories on how you guys started crafting your Avatar. Not really looking for fashion tips but your stories on how you zeroed in on your own personal style. What made it all click?
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  2. I found pics of celebrities whom I look like and emulated some of their style. That's the easiest way. You don't have to change everything all at once. I don't consider what I wear to be my "avatar" - just better looking clothes than what I was wearing and some basic pieces of jewelry that look right on me.

    You can tell who is peacocking these days. I notice it all over the place because the guys aren't congruent with their "avatar". They aren't comfortable in their skin.


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