Trust Repair 101 - Worth it?
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  1. Trust Repair 101 - Worth it?

    So I broke up with her. Then let her back in, then she sortof gave me the cold shoulder with a ill let you back later saying. Then I violently pursued her- then she starts saying about how I talk badly about my dad and her brother to her mom when I did not-then trying to repair the relationship between her and her nonbiological mother i tell her mom things that she had told me in confidence (NO TIT FOR TAT GAMES OOPS).

    So now she says "I don't trust you" I'm pretty much permanently in the friends category...or at least my brain has given up on coming up with solutions or positive thoughts- which is probably a good sign that this is toast because I'm the most optimistic person on the planet.

    So- rebuild her trust- ignore her- find new girlfriend and she becomes jealous comes back to me while I make money etc. ? Just make money etc? Social proof needed now or what? She sort of feels like I'm boring when it comes to having fun- saying I have a boring life- just because i work alot- but we had fun at times and I can. What to do?

    PS. Worst part is I thought she was pregnant like twice and was geared up...all for the purpose of me getting involved between her and her mom's drama to cause this. My hindsight fails me............

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    I can not quite see your point????

    Why hang around someone who does not trust you... especially if she is making up things which are not true.

    Are you trying to be friends with her or not? What would be the point?


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