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    stop sarging?

    Ive outsarged my school. apparently girls in my school tel other girls to watch out for me. im a college student and go to a fairly large college. do i just rock with it and consider it a DHV or do i fall back and try to redeem myself as an under the radar kind of guy?

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    I've got the same problem in my town hahaha. All of them already know me.

    If you got lots of numbers and dates, you've most likely got reputation as a womanizer, whereas they'll poke fun at you, if you didn't close.

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    lol ur absolutely right. they really critique my sarging, even tho they dont know in the least wat im doing, and they hate when i do close. donte ever let me be...i n-closed every single pretty girl i sarged in skool. and the better looking, richer, better dressed guys at skool, creep them out and they come running to me about it, because i happen to know them. but when it comes to any new ones. they all seem to have pre determined who i am lol. till i negg their asses and then their al like waat? lol can u say qualify?

  4. See this as an abundance . Well, you should enjoy it until you want to get into a LTR later on.

    You two sure are some of the lucky guys out there compared to most.

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    Wait so you're saying you number-closed all these hot girls but didn't f-close or kiss-close them? Just got all their numbers?

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    That's why it doesn't hurt to have someone around for a while. They might or might not be LTRs. Having a player rep will push some away, and make others curious.

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    who cares what other ppl think man, i had that problem at university parties and it comes down to, if amog's tease u be they are just jealous, remember woman still like guys who are winners, u really think they want the nerd in the front not talking to anyone.

    DUde u are a winner and thats it, keep sarging, just tone it down a bit and be more social and dont rely on material.

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    thanks guys, really for all the feedback. and to answer true pimps question: I f-closed 1, K closed 3. outta like 20 or 30, its kinda hard when they are all in the same circles u kno.

  9. It depends on what kind of chicks ur dealing with. Say for example you fuck one chick in social circle A, and the she tell's her friend in the same circle, and her friend becomes curious about you. You then fuck girl #2 who is also friends with chicks in social circle B and eventually the cycle goes on.

    We all know chicks talk about everything and believe it or not the more girls you fuck in the social circle can either do one of two things. A) create jealousy and possibly break up friends ships or (B) a better unity between you and the girls and the possibility of threesome action.

    The chicks are more comfortable around you because you have already fucked them, and depending on the chicks your talking to most girl fantasize about messing around with a women. What better then having a threesome with 2 people you are all comfortable with. You have fucked both girls and if they are not the jealous type then it could all work out in your advantage.

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    Chuckwu ur the man! lol dats a dam good idea


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