First PoF try, first PoF success
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    First PoF try, first PoF success

    Gotta make this a quick cut and paste job guys as I don't wanna leave her hanging... This chick is a clear HB7.5

    Subject: Hmmm...

    Hi Mandy,

    There's something about your profile that made me feel compelled to at least say Hi... Maybe it was the part at the end where you said message even if you're not sure if we'll match... Such a sneaky tactic.

    You say you're not feisty, that's a shame as that's my type completely, but I also really have a place in my heart for sweet girls who are more than meets the eye, and I have a feeling that you might fit that description... Well check out my profile and if anything catches your eye, or you just want to chat, that's cool



    Subject: Andy and Mandy hehe...

    Hi you!
    Yesh hehe well the reason why I said message anyway as I might describe myself completly wrong and be the total oppersite and actually match the people who didn't message me

    I am feisty to some degree though; I am very,very opinionated and stick up for what I feel is right or wrong and my humours quite dry and witty sometimes.

    Arrrgh I'm eatting icecream ( it's so good but my tummy won't sleep now hehe how are you Mr?

    Mandy x


    RE: ...

    How can you eat ice cream this time of night??? It's freeeeeezing! You're mental! But sticking up for what you believe in is good! I like people who stick to their values. +10 cool points for you.

    So what are you doing up this late? Isn't it a school night? :P ((she's a teacher, it ain't what you think :P))



    Subject: Numb Gums

    I think i'm half robotic well my brain is hehe I ALWAYS,ALWAYS go to bed late i'm just an owl hehe

    Yesss school later on duno where I put my school Uniform though!

    And what is your excuse Andy pandy?

    Too busy fishing for trouts?


    Subject: Trouts?!?

    No way! I toss the trouts back instantly - catch and release, baby! I only cast my reel when I think there's a special fish swimming around my boat - my time is too valuable to me to waste on trouts!!!

    I'm actually too excited to sleep - I'm moving out of my mum's house and into my own flat over the weekend, now that she's got a full time carer it's time for me to move on and try to be independent!... (I'm actually only on PoF so I can find someone else to do my washing and ironing for me now, and I saw on your profile you can iron!


    (next day)
    Subject: Cheeky!! Hehe

    Afternoon Dear Andy (corr I do love saying your name) hehe well this is day 2 of my plenty of pof experience, it seems I have caught a few mermaids and frogs- none worthy to cook though

    How is your day trotting along?

    Arrrgh your own new place don't have ANY house partys trust me because afterwards it will be you cleaning up the mess


    Mandy, Mandy, Mandy...

    How about sending one of them mermaids my way?

    My day was great but hectic (thus why I'm only now responding at... 11pm!) Still waiting to hear back from my estate agent about my references / credit check, though, and can't take the wait much longerrrrrrr!! *sings* Ah wahntoo break free-hee!

    How was your day? Found any fishies amongst the frogs on here yet? *ribbit*

    Andy, Andy, Andy...

    ---------- Then, BAM!!!

    Would you like to text naughties on the mobile x im sorry to trouble you im just feeling a little fruity hehe x ############


    My confidence is so fucking high right now... Why am I posting? I should be doing the naughty texts!

    Lionheart +1

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    Ah shit, I either did something incredibly dumb or incredibly good after it moved to texts...

    Basically went like this

    What makes you think I'm this easy? ((I didn't wanna appear desperate...))

    No Andy x I'm sorry, I think my wine made me a little frisky hehe. Honey I promise to be innocent 2moro 0

    Want me to tell you a secret?

    Please x

    Your honesty and ability to go after something you want does turn me on, but now I'm thinking it's just the wine doing the texting?...

    (her)(... If you can decipher this one, please clue me in... I'm too tired for cryptic shit!!!)
    I want to sail your mind. Milk your emotion. We are nothing but early morning shadows, stretching for the light, chasing fabric. Tell me no. x

    (me, ignoring her last message - I couldn't think of anything to say to that)
    So how naughty are you feeling?

    No muffin, we mustn't let our clean foundation slip! Nite Nite!

    Oh, you're good... Night Mandy.


    I totally feel like I've been reverse gamed!!! WTF went wrong?!?

    Lionheart -10

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    I think you're okay.

    This part here:

    (me, ignoring her last message - I couldn't think of anything to say to that)
    So how naughty are you feeling?

    No muffin, we mustn't let our clean foundation slip! Nite Nite!

    Oh, you're good... Night Mandy.

    It left you feeling awkward, but you played it well. Oh, you're good, night mandy was pure gold. The naughty question might have been a little too soon, but that last line recovered it well. It showed that you were unaffected by her and also that you 'get it'. Be the first to strike up the next conversation thread, and play it like nothing happened. Remember to keep it all playful and fun. You are still in the game.

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    Okay, so I think I've got this one under control again, and it's still going well... Question I want to ask is, did I do the right thing by playing hard to get in the initial text, or should I have just gone along with the dirty texts like she wanted? I have a feeling that if I did, all it would have done was make her uncomfortable in the morning and given me absolutely zero progress with her.

    I mean I know I've recovered from this one, but I'd like to know in case I get the same thing again from another girl in the future. She seemed a little taken back by the "do you think I'm this easy" comment...


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