Need some good date-suggestions

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    Need some good date-suggestions

    There are prolly a few posts about this exact same thing. I did not however, find any.

    Background for those interested: I'm taking this girl I've known a little while on a date. We have some of the same friends, but have'nt talked that much earlier. After hooking up a week ago (and having sex), she suggested we find a day and do something together. I agreed, and told her I knew exactly what. Then I said we'd do it friday (she asked me this tuesday), and I canceled the date a few hours before and told her we'd do it tuesday next week instead. Don't know if that was a good idea, but she got a little sad when i canceled and I could really hear her smiling when I told her we'd do it later. Obviously I never told her what I was planning when she asked (and she has asked several times).

    I welcome any suggestions!
    Just think taking her to a movie or dinner is a bit lame. I wanna do something fun, like go-cart, paintball or whatever as long as its not the same shit she's done a 1000 times before.

    For the record, she's a 9.5 (at least). Would be really nice if you could help me brainstorming some fun ideas. I have a feeling, it'll be more than this one time, and I could really need some innovative ideas.

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    Really? You didn't find ANYTHING? What did you type in the search field???

    Here. That's a start.
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