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  1. any ideas ?

    hi guys,

    i don't know if this is already posted before but here it is..

    usually i use this opener

    "Hi there, you're cuter than the average woman that I see here in <whatever social networking site are you into>... are you friendly?"

    mostly the response would be just a "yes!"

    what do you think of more effective and good follow up for this kind of response..


  2. I think the "are you friendly" only asks for a yes or no response. Maybe someone else can comment on it.

    I like implying that women will be stalkers haha. I would probably go with something like "... if I talk to you, you won't start stalking me will you?" I find most women will laugh or smile from a comment like that, but if she just says "No" then just lead into something like "well the last few women I met on here started sending me flowers, asking me to marry them after the first date, etc."

  3. any more ideas out there ? . .


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