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  1. I think Braddock's advice is v.useful for Facebook private messaging and e-mailling...I feel like keeping it short is crucial in the early stages on both those mediums anyway, so in effect both pretty similar to text game. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

    Thumbs up from me on the sticky anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hybrid70 View Post
    Very good, i think text game is my strongest point, but i have a question if anyone cares to answer it:

    What is the effect of not replying to a girls texts? E.g, she texts you, you reply, she replies but her reply doesnt really leave anything you can reply to. Often i just dont reply and simply re-initiate the texting when i have something interesting/funny to say. Is that the right thing to do, or does it annoy people when you dont reply when they have invested the effort to contact you first? I hate comign across as rude, but i also dont want to be too available.
    Why do people always say they "hate being assholes" or "hate coming across rude"? That's exactly what you NEED to be. And it's EXACTLY what bitches do to us. Get over it. It's a dirty game.

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    the text which always annoys me is when you get a text off a girl after she hasnt replied for a long period of time or flakes: 'sorry, have been really busy'.

    They were probably 'too busy' on Facebook lmao

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    One of my favorite text lately is

    Hope you're managing to have a good day even though you don't get to see me. hahaha

    One it's light, friendly, playful and a bit flirty without being over the top or seeming needy.

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    Awesome post braddock...love some I f those lines

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    I posted this on another thread also, I just wanna make sure Braddock gets his credit:New member here, I have to give credit where credit is do, I read part of the UPATG and I think it should come with a disclaimer ," only use this on HB's you really want" haha, I got said HB's number last night so I texted her this, this morning ,"Hey Scrappy, So the plans all set, I've got everything together for the bank heist, I thought ur idea to wear pink ski masks to support breast cancer awareness was sweet, now the only thing missing is the sandwiches, remember , pb and j white bread crusts cut off and then cut in half, and remember DIAGONAL this time, just remember how bad the job in Amarillo went when you cut it the wrong way, poor bastards anyway hope this made you smile, now get in there and make that brain grow!!!!! Lol" that text is a modified version of an example text Braddock uses in the guide with a little call back humor thrown in to spice it up, 5 min after I sent the text HB's calling me laughing, she's in class and had to excuse herself she was laughing so hard, she then proceed to invite me over for dinner this evening. Braddock , you are the man!

  7. thank you very much. i just signed up today and this was the first thread that i read!


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