non-standard hookup
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    non-standard hookup

    So a friend of mine told me she had a friend in work she wants to hook me up with. Originally she suggested that we all go out and get a drink one night. Easy enough, I could run the usual game on her meeting like that. Instead, my friend gives me this girl's number today and tells me to call her tonight. My friend talked me up to this girl. So where should I start? I know I'll slap a time constraint on her, but should I be negging? Just not sure where to pick this up considering I've never even met the girl

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    I wouldnt start with a neg, esp if your just going to call her, first thing first is to get her to meet you then as you say run normal game on her, usual stuff from there, as you say you have never met this girl so play it cool and set a date/time.

  3. Great routine, in case she doesn't answer, voice mail: (as serious as possible.) Hey, I think you should call me, like right away, there's something we have to talk about... (click)
    Craig from the Deangelo seminars dropped this gem, when she calls you back, almost right away, say: I was just taking a shower, when i noticed someone outside looking at me, tell me, was that you?"
    But anyways, heres a great faq from Juggler on phone game: http://attraction-chronicles.blogspo...-on-phone.html

    Classic, nice... poon-tane.


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