Girl's squirting - but smells like pee?

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    Girl's squirting - but smells like pee?

    I made my girl squirt and most of it went on my thigh/leg, also some on the sheet. The liquid on my legs or on my hand doesn't really smell, but the liquid that's caught on the sheets actually do smell a bit like pee. We wonder (yeah she's sitting next to me) if it actually is pee or not? She says that it feels as it comes out of her pussyhole and not he peehole.

    I've read in some tutorial here where it's explained how to make a girl squirt (getting a fountain orgasm) but it's also said there that the liquid is odorless.

    So, another shower or another session, aey?

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    Female squirts come out of the urethra , so yes it may have traces of urine in it.

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    Can I just say how cool it is that you and your girlfriend came on this site together? Even funnier that it was just after you had sex so good it made her squirt. LOL.

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    I tend to find the first two ejaculations will smell like pee, but after that they're odourless.


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