small bedroom

I have the current issues with my bedroom. its about 9x10 feet

which is really small.

I like to keep a room neat and organized, i just bought a queen sized bed with a nice bedspread so it looks good, its just i have about hardly any floor space when i have my turntables setup, my desk electric keyboard and guitars. I even had to take my closet door off cause i couldnt close it if i wanted to put my desk on one of the walls.

I wanted some tips on designing small rooms. my lease is out in december so I plan on moving to a much larger place that I can do ALOT more with and im pretty excited for it, but until then. I might get rid of my desk cause its kinda an ugly big corner one.

heres a cool thing you can do if ur artistic and creative i like to spray and draw in my free time, so i put pieces up on my wall when im bored. I have one of a gorillaz type character standing at some turntables, and then just my name in bright style colors over my bed. I get alot of compliments on them. I also feel like they fit my persona of being a superstar dj