Dealing with orbiters..

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  1. Dealing with orbiters..

    How do you do it? If your LTR has a LOT of guys she knows from high school or whatever(being in her late 20s now) and knows them for 10 +years who regularly try to catch up with her through myspace, texts, or calls, how do you remain unaffected?

    Her responses are nuetralizing and doesn't chill with them in person, but they initiate with stuff like "how you doing gorgeous.".

    How do you deal with it emotionally. How do you deal with it inside yourself?

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    Here's my advice:

    You need to be strong, you need to be the man, always. If you show any hint of wussy-needy-guy behavior in front of her you are done. Don't share your feelings with her. Don't chase her, make her chase you and don't let your feelings betray your ego. Don't be too independent when you are around her either, show her you are HER bf an none of them are. Make her feel arousal before you kiss her, make yourself of a hard to reach guy and keep the attitude "I have this girl but I don't need it"

    From my experience you could do this; when you are around her and she greet other guys and stuff, don't be on her, let her have her own life. After they leave, make her feel like she's only yours, start the arousal part and do not ask about the guy/s. If she does something you do not tolerate, tell her later on in a relaxed way, once, do not repeat yourself, I did and it was backfire, but the first time she was like "Capcha!". Remember, those guys are important to her if you show they are important for you too, you'd be increasing their value and not yours!
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    this can Def be bothersome.
    Its normal to be slightly jealous

    On the other hand, think of it like this

    You have the girl that guys are still trying to get with non stop.

    So you can let that bother you, or you can let that make you feel like even more of "The Man"

    Its like this. Would you feel comfortable telling your best bud his girl is hot?
    I look at it like your congradulating your friend!


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