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    I will keep this simple since I'm about the write something on this later, but just a quick note on TRUE text game:

    1. Always present a challenge, something open-ended that will require a response.

    2. Use some 'inside jokes,' stuff you encountered when you met her, closed her, and got her digits - this will lead to building comfort and a KILLER way to build on future Kino Escalation.

    3. Don't overwhelm her by asking questions about when she can hang out, or her availability - text her ' I will call you,' don't call immediately - but call her to set up the meet and fuck. This shows that you are Alpha and have balls, never let a chick question your guts -EVER!!!


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    1) something open ended that requires a response - and what if she doesn't respond?

    2) inside jokes are cool, yeah

    3) why would you text her "i will call you"? Just call her. There's no need to prep her for the call and throw in an empty communication from your part that will just serve to demonstrate too much availability and over-interest in her from your part.

    I'm really questioning where you're getting all these theories for your posts dude

  3. yeah man, it's like you had read some bad marketing product


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