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    What are some of these stripper forums I did a quick google search didnt find anything good

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowBlow View Post
    What are some of these stripper forums I did a quick google search didnt find anything good
    Post #5 in this thread.

    Pickup podcast interviewed Ameno all about stripper game. Some of his tips were:

    When asked if wanted a dance reply "I don't do lapdances."
    At somepoint say something like "I can be alot of things to you but a customer isn't one."
    Go on a quiet night, sun-wed.
    Sit so the dancers can approach from behind you.

    So what tips do you have to add/expand on so guys can get past the stripper persona to the real girl underneath?

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    hanging out with a stripper

    I got a strippers number and been haging out with her. We been to clubs play pool hang out. at first I was going to use her as a pivot. while she being use as a pivot she start showing me some IOI and flirting I didnt really care about that because I was just using her as a pivot few months later I started to like her and I would like to date. I showed her some interrest but know I thinks she plays hard to get. I just like your input being a stripper how do you know If she is being genuine attractive to me or just been giving me some false IOI

  4. Quote Originally Posted by VeraLynn View Post
    Some of these comments are amusing... but want to give you some help here, guys.
    #2) Strippers are there to work and earn money for a living. We aren't trying to find a new boyfriend or someone who can take us home and satisfy us. We also don't need to be "saved" from stripping. We are sexy and seductive because it earns us money.

    #4) Just because you get a stripper's real # doesn't mean you're going to get sex of any kind out of the deal. Some of us simply like you as a person, and feel that you're a genuine friend who realizes that we are not all truly who we portray at work. Anyone who I've made friends with this way also know that I am engaged and not looking to cheat on my guy.
    i really need to respectfully disagree with you on this one, gingerbread. you are simply making the classic human mistake that: "because i think this way then everyone thinks this way" ... or the "everyone sees the world through my blacklight colored lenses"....

    the fact is that _you_ are there exclusively to earn money and _you_ have a boyfriend and on some deep level you probably think stripping and strip club customers are dirty and you don't want that in your "real" life. but reality is that not all strippers think that way at all.

    i've dated several strippers and often they tell me they PREFER to meet their boyfriends in the joint because then they don't have to go through the awkward "What do you do for a living? ... I'm a dancer... Oh yeah, what company do you dance with? .... i dance at the Gold Club.... oh, so you're stripper? well, see ya."

    some of them even tell me they won't even give a dance for a guy unless they think he's half-way attractive because she's easily grossed out. matter of fact, GUYS: that is a great tip that i usually watch carefully for in strip clubs. watch who the dancers are giving dances to! if they consistently approach the fat and the old, then you pretty much can surmise that she's 100% on the clock and interested in easy cash only. if she seems to consistently approach the younger, funner groups of guys then maybe she's interested in making friends and partying.

    that said, i would say 75% of the dancers have your mentality, pumpkin-patch. but the audience here is more interested in wading through that 75% and getting to the ones that are interested in making friends. ....

    my final two comments:
    - your last point that getting the # (even if it's real) doesn't get you anywhere is way true. 90% of the time, girls give out their # for the exclusive reason that they think you will get more dances with them THAT NIGHT if they give you a # that works and you think you're gonna get something later. most of the time, when they give you that #, they have no intention of ever answering the call.
    - gaming strippers, as i've said before, is a low, low, low ROI activity. if you want to bonk one just to say you have done it, go for it. but (present company excluded of course) they are not entirely normal people to have relationships with and your odds are way, way, way better in "normal" places and the sex is often better with normal girls.

    my 2 cents.


  5. I would like some tips on how to become friends with a stripper, without appearing to have other intentions than just friends. It would be a good idea to have a female wing who is a stripper.

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    Dating strippers is like heroin for men.

    They make you feel great and are the most fun you will ever have, they are completely addictive, the cost you a lot or all of your money, the are incredibly self destructive and bad for you, even after you break the habit of them you will still wish you had one every now and then.
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    FYI, boyz, this chick hasn't posted for a month, so if you're looking for a response from here, you're better off using a Ouija Board.
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  8. Hey striecx, why do you want to be friends with stippers? I'm just curious. Most of them do drugs and are nothing but trouble (keep in mind I said MOST, not all). If that's the kind of thing you're into, then by all means carry on. But i know from hanging with stippers that they like you more when you have some "sh*t" to smoke. That being said, if you do want to befriend these exotic ladies, I would steer clear from the full nude places. Topless dancers is the way to go. They can be fun, and you'll find the 25% that harlow was refering to at topless clubs. The full nudes chicks are the ones that hate themselves, but they hate you even more.

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    I was just in Vegas this weekend and my homie and I hit up Sapphire around 11:30pm, which is literally the largest strip club in the world, at 70,000+ square feet.

    It was a Saturday night, and I swear- there were like over 200 dancers there.

    My friend and I sat down, not by the stage of course, ordered a drink and just chatted with each other. Girls would come one by one trying to get a dance. Half of them would go straight for, "Hey wanna dance?" For those, I'd reply with, "Wow, you're not even trying aren't ya?" Some would just leave but the cooler ones would then sit on my lap and just start chatting, saying something like, "Haha, okay what would I have to do for a dance?" Then I'd say, "I dunno, be original, use you persuasion skills." Then she'd do a little sexy dance, and I'd stop her and say, "No no no, not that. I mean, talk to me like a real person." Then she'd say, "Okay, what's your name?" I said, "Rice Rocket (I'm Asian), what's yours?" She laugh and say, "Sunshine" I responded with, "shut up, that's a fake name."

    Anyway, I was just playing around like that for a while, then finally after 20 minutes, she finally wanted a dance. I said, "Okay, tell you what. I'm actually very selective, so if you can go find me someone that fits my description, I'll give you a little finder's fee." So I describe to her my ideal girl and then she goes, "alright be right back."

    So she brings another girl back, and it was exactly my type. I started with, "How we doing tonight?" She said, "Awesome!" I said, "Really, how much you make so far?" She said, "Ehh, only a couple hundred, I wanna make 500 hundred more and then I'm outta here." I said, "Well you're in luck! How about this, I'll give you 500 right now, so you can get the hell outta here." Her face lit up, "REALLY?" I said, "Just kidding. But I'll buy a dance from you (it's 20)...Only if you're a cool person." She smiles, "Okay, what do you wanna know about me."

    We chat for another 20 minutes of so, and then I finally give her 20 for a dance. As she is dancing, she does a little extra (lets me peek downstairs, which is not allowed in the showroom because this is a topless-only club) for me. Another dancer sees her, and gives her a dirty look like, "What the hell are you doing?"

    Anyways, we talk for a bit more. And at some point I tell her to go and make some money. "I'll be right here, so you can come back whenever." As the night goes on, she would come back every 30 minutes or so and report on her earnings. At that time, I felt pretty good cuz this girl would come back and sit with me and hang, even though I aint dishing out any more cash. It was not a slow night too. It was Saturday, in Vegas! It turned out to be like a fun little game we were playing. Like I'd say, "Man that last dance you did just sucked," or "Wow, you were going all out for that guy! Watch out, dont wanna give too much away now."

    At some point, she actually asks me for my number. So I give her my phone and she dials her number and tells me to leave a message. Shortly after, she left to do her rounds again, but this time she didn't come back. Now it was 6 am in the morning, and I really had to go. So I just texted her saying "thanks, I had a good time."

    Last night, I called her number. It was real, but she didn't answer so I just left a message. I doubt she'll ever call back. But I didn't really think so anyways.

    Bottom line: That was my first attempt ever to game in a strip club. I had so much fun, that I want to practice this game more and more now. I know that girl was just a stripper, but she opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Strippers are beautiful, much hotter than the regular girls I'd meet in bars and clubs.

    I appreciate all of your comments and tips on gaming strippers. Best of luck to everyone.

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    O Rly?

    Quote Originally Posted by SigSauer View Post
    That being said, if you do want to befriend these exotic ladies, I would steer clear from the full nude places. Topless dancers is the way to go. They can be fun, and you'll find the 25% that harlow was refering to at topless clubs. The full nudes chicks are the ones that hate themselves, but they hate you even more.
    I dance fully nude. I like myself so much that I am able to dance totally nude, with my nude crotch in some strange guys' faces all night.. totally sober. And as for your drug comments, I wouldn't say that most girls do drugs. Maybe 50%, if that. Sure, I worked one night at a club where girls were doing lines openly in the back room. I didn't know any better about the club as it was my first night stripping ever with the help of an "agency." I told them that if that was stripping, I was done after that one night. They put me at a much nicer place after that. I know several girls who are disgusted by those who need drugs (or alcohol!) to dance, or who use drugs at all.

    As for some of the other comments, sure, some girls are going to find friends and boyfriends at the club. Some will also say that they're interested in getting to know you better. Just please be careful.. some of these girls are just stringing you along because you have green stuff in your wallet.

    It really annoys *most of us* when we try to work and earn some cash for being sexy and all a guy can say is, "I would rather take you to dinner" or, in not so many words, "I'm not here to spend money, but to find a girlfriend/sex/date."


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